Client Profile:

A large East coast urgent care conglomerate with more than 150 locations.


A significant constraint and constant churn of call center agents to answer post-visit calls led to patient dissatisfaction and leakage, resulting in lost revenue. The ongoing costs of recruiting, training, and managing call center agents had led to year-over-year margin erosion.


By leveraging our expertise in clinical documentation training and scalable staffing, AQuity was able to staff the post-visit call center quickly and efficiently with virtual medical scribes. In addition to providing trained resources, we also built a program to meet the client’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) specifications and return on investment (ROI) expectations.
Our scribe call center agents cover:

  • Appointment scheduling and referral management
  • Relaying lab and diagnostic study results
  • Coordinating callbacks with clinicians
  • COVID vaccine scheduling and results
  • Prescription refill request assistance


AQuity’s ability to scale quickly, with redundancy, allowed the client to improve clinical and financial outcomes by:

  • Increased patient satisfaction and retention
  • Improved justifiable revenue from increased scheduling of follow-up visits
  • Standardization of follow-up care
  • Improved margin due to the reduction in recruiting, training, and management costs and the elimination of W2 overhead expenses
  • Increased call center capacity due to exceeding KPIs
  • Expansion to additional clinic specialties further improved the patient experience, continuity of care, and overall outcomes

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