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As a KLAS recognized coding leader, coding over 10 million charts annually, AQuity’s Coding team has the experience and deep domain expertise across all outpatient, inpatient, and profee coding, patient types, hospital, and provider settings.

We deliver measurable healthcare business improvements through a deep understanding of the clinical documentation business process with industry leading technology, and unparalleled service.

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AQuity Clinical Coding Best Practices

When choosing an outsourced Medical Coding solutions provider, it’s critical to limit your search to services who place medical coder certification and ongoing training to keep up with regulation changes at the top of their priority list. Other outsourced coding service best practices followed by AQuity include:

Quality Assurance Processes

Quality Assurance Processes

Regular audits of statistically valid samplings of each medical coder’s production are essential. Audit results drive additional training and support to ensure optimal performance. The AQuity QA program has evolved over the years to ensure quality results for our customers as well as positive career development support for our staff.

Transparent Reporting and Analytics

Transparent Reporting and Analytics

Regular reporting for productivity, quality, and turnaround time performance is just the start. Detailed analytics for denials and appeals management must be included to ensure revenue cycle efficiency. In addition to regular reporting, the AQuity Coding services team meets with clients regularly to discuss performance results and corrective action plans as needed.

Data Security and Compliance

Data Security and Compliance

Robust security measures are essential for any outsources service provider. Established policies and procedures are the bare minimum while annual third-party audits have become the norm. AQuity undergoes annual SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001 third-party audits to confirm our security posture, policies, and procedures to provide clients with necessary peace of mind.

Clear Communications Continuous Feedback Process Improvement

Clear Communications / Continuous Feedback/Process Improvement

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) set expectations for the scope of specialties and volumes of charts to be handled, however, open two-way communications are needed to stay ahead of the inevitable census variations and shift coverages. AQuity prides itself in being known for maintaining open lines of communications to ensure positive collaboration and ongoing engagement satisfaction.

Continuous Monitoring of Regulation Changes

Continuous Monitoring of Regulation Changes

Coding regulations are updated regularly and ensuring compliance with those changes requires constant monitoring of government sites. Making sure each medical coder is aware of pending regulation changes and properly trained to adjust their coding practices accordingly is a hallmark of AQuity Coding services, including increased QA efforts for impacted code sets.

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As the most consistent Coding solutions provider according to KLAS, AQuity offers 100% certified professional coders to ensure accuracy and compliance. Contact us today to learn how we reduce your costs while improving your quality KPI results.

Medical Coding Services Key Benefits


Medical reimbursement depends on accurate coding. AQuity provides 24x7 coverage support for optimal productivity with domestic, offshore, and hybrid delivery options. Our teams are all committed and accountable for the same quality outcomes, providing you with high quality medical coding solutions and maximum allowable reimbursements whether you need full outsourcing or supplementary support for your inhouse team.


With 40+ years in the HIM space, AQuity has unmatched expertise in coding, clinical documentation, and compliance with a deep understanding of the overall workflow of healthcare delivery. Our coding and audit division is comprised of expert AHIMA and AAPC credentialed professional coders from the HIM profession with experience in all specialties and patient types.


Government and payer requirements are constantly changing. AQuity works closely with your team to stay ahead of regulations, ensuring compliance and a 95% or higher coding and audit accuracy rate. We tailor our services to the specific needs and expectations of your organization while reliably yielding quality scores that are measurably above national averages.


Have you experienced any delays in reimbursement? Our knowledgeable team has the background and expertise to ensure accurate coding while also committing to a 24-48 hour turnaround time (TAT). Our TAT facilitates our commitment to organizational Accounts Receivable (A/R) and Discharged, Not Final Billed (DNFB).


You deserve a partner you can count on. AQuity assigns a leadership team and client development manager to work alongside you every step of the way, answering questions and proactively solving any potential issues. From implementation through training, monitoring outcomes and auditing, and regular on-site engagement, we set up our customers for success. Our staff will feel like a part of your team.


AQuity Coding Audit utilizes a code-over-code approach to provide true overall accuracy focusing on both quality and reimbursement outcomes. The process measures coding outcomes consistently across all coders and services, which are reviewed for trends used for focused education/training of both coding staff and clinical staff should a documentation issue arise. Our dedicated audit team has comprehensive knowledge of coding across service types and can provide customized medical coding audits to meet your needs. View our Medical Coding Audits Solutions for more information.


Staying on top of ever-changing medical coding regulations is a difficult task. In addition to providing audit feedback to help your team improve, AQuity’s Medical Coding Solutions offers additional educational opportunities. We offer free monthly webinars on current trends and topics, a monthly coding tip sheet, and a weekly “Cracking the Code” question and answer, and more.

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As the most consistent Coding solutions provider according to KLAS, AQuity offers 100% certified coders to ensure accuracy and compliance. Contact us today to learn how we reduce your costs while improving your quality KPI results.

Why Choose AQuity for your
Medical Coding Solutions?

Across various types of facilities and specialties, our coding services help clients achieve improved financial outcomes while also being highly cost competitive. An AHIMA and AAPC certified coder delivers Key Performance Indicator (KPI) results with workflow control, cost, quality, and turnaround time results that produce maximum allowable reimbursements and minimum payer rejects. Here are some of the challenges we help our customers solve:

Staffing Needs

Staffing Needs

Finding a qualified medical coder is no easy task. AQuity’s access to domestic and global resources provides the staffing you need, whether it’s full outsourcing or supplementary support for your inhouse team. Every medical coder is AHIMA and AAPC certified with experience and deep domain expertise across all patient types, hospital, and provider settings.

Denial Appeals Assistance

Denial Appeals Assistance

Denials happen, but AQuity can help. Our Medical Coding Services reviews any claims that have been returned with unpaid or a change in expected reimbursement. We provide the supporting documentation needed to appeal a denial for codes assigned, incorrect patient type billed, or invalid codes billed. With our clients seeing denial rates under 2%, you can trust AQuity to achieve better clinical and financial results.

Acquiring New or Complex Patient Types

Acquiring New or Complex Patient Types

As a growing organization, you may find yourself acquiring new or complex patient types. The right partner at your side helps you tackle the additional work without putting the extra burden on your team. A expert medical coder from AQuity can handle any patient type and has the global bandwidth to take on the extra workload.

Mitigating Costs

Mitigating Costs

Having an in-house team of medical coders is costly. Between the overhead costs, equipment, technology, and other items, our clients see a cost benefit to outsourcing their medical coding needs to AQuity. We provide cost-effective services through a global workforce of certified coders with a 95% or higher coding and audit accuracy rate. Our team helps keep your costs low while achieving better financial results.

Regulatory Changes and Pressure

Regulatory Changes and Pressure

AQuity helps your organization stay in compliance through ever-changing government and payer regulations while ensuring accurate coding for the highest justifiable reimbursement possible. Our highly trained medical coders are AHIMA and AAPC certified and keep current with changing compliance needs, providing you with quality scores above national averages.

Backlog and DNFB

Backlog and DNFB

There’s plenty of reasons for why practices end up with medical coding backlogs, including staffing shortages, complex regulations, and burnout. AQuity Medical Coding Services eliminates your backlogs and improves quality and turnaround time. In addition, we help close the gap on DNFBs for any accounts not billed, which directly impact your bottom line.

Reduced Reimbursement

Reduced Reimbursement

Does your organization struggle with reimbursement? AQuity’s expert team provides high quality medical coding and turnaround time, reducing reimbursement times, minimizing payer rejects, and maximizing allowable allow reimbursements. Poor quality coding creates inaccuracies and a potential for lost revenue. A medical coder from AQuity has expertise across patient types, providing fast and accurate coding.

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As the most consistent Coding solutions provider according to KLAS, AQuity offers 100% certified coders to ensure accuracy and compliance. Contact us today to learn how we reduce your costs while improving your quality KPI results.

Medical Coding - of Expertise

Our AHIMA and AAPC certified medical coders have expertise across all patient types and provider settings. We code over 10 million charts annually and are a KLAS recognized coding leader. We’re ready to provide you with fast, accurate medical coding. Our coders have expertise in many areas, including:
Sleep Medicine

Whether you’re performing a sleep study, polysomnography, or other therapy and diagnosis of sleep disturbances, using the correct code matters. A medical coder from AQuity is highly trained in various specialties to keep your EHR correctly updated with quick turnaround times.

The last thing that should be on your mind during neurosurgery is what medical code to use. Our coders have the same precision for documentation that you have for surgical procedures. Whether the nerves, brain, or spinal cord, our coders are committed to exact coding, no matter how complicated.
Understanding the difference between coding for screening and diagnostic colonoscopies or whether control of bleeding is billed separately is a complex task better left to experts to ensure proper reimbursement. AQuity’s Medical Coding Solutions handles all the medical documentation so you only have to worry about providing the best patient care possible.
Palliative Care
Providing palliative care can be a difficult and emotional task when dealing with patients living with cancer, heart failure, or other serious illness. Let our expert medical coders deal with the difficult documentation that goes with it. We deliver highly accurate and cost-effective coding.
Family Medicine
Just as practicing family medicine requires a broad understanding of medicine across all ages and areas, so does the medical coding to go with it. You can get back to the joy of practicing medicine knowing that AQuity’s Medical Coding Solutions team has the experience and support to handle proper documentation for each of your patient visits.
AQuity’s medical coding team has the expertise to identify and code surgical procedures, treatments, tests, or other heart-related medical procedures that your patient needs. You can rely on accurate coding while you focus your time on the most important thing in the room: your patient.

The complex world of cancer diagnosis and treatment requires precise clinical documentation to go with it. A highly trained medical coder from AQuyity provides fast and accurate coding with a strong understanding of the difficult specialty.

Medical codes are constantly being updated and changed, including those for rheumatology. AQuity’s expert team ensures your organization stays compliant and up to date, providing fast and accurate medical coding to optimize reimbursement.
There is a large quantity of individual medical codes for various bariatric procedures and surgeries. AQuity’s experienced medical coders are highly trained in all specialty areas and will quickly and accurately code for the correct procedure, keeping you in compliance and meeting turnaround times for optimized reimbursements.

While you treat patients for kidney failure, renovascular hypertension, kidney stones, or other kidney diseases, a professional coder from AQuity’s can handle the difficult coding and documentation that goes with it. We have the broad knowledge of surgical and non-surgical treatments to know the proper coding for each procedure, keeping your organization compliant and operating efficiently.

Internal Medicine
Your time as a provider should be spent on how best to prevent, diagnose, and manage disease or other conditions in your patients and not on how to bill for it. Our dedicated medical coders stay on top of all the new codes that emerge as well as the old ones that are constantly changing, ensuring your organization meets all regulations and bills correctly and quickly.
Proper reimbursement relies on correct coding and documentation. AQuity’s medical coding team is equipped to handle the difficult task of identifying proper codes for all routine and medical visits in ophthalmology.
Mental Health

Don’t add the extra burden of proper coding on top of your time spent connecting with and treating patients for mental disorders. Let AQuity’s coding staff handle that for you to ensure quick and accurate medical billing while you provide the best care possible.

Infectious Disease
When dealing with the complex world of infectious disease, it’s important that the medical coding precisely matches the treatment provided. Our expert staff have experience in this specialty area and will keep you compliant for all testing, diagnoses, and procedures.
From infants to adolescents, AQuity’s medical coding staff have the expertise and experience to accurate code all patient visits and services needed. You can rest assured knowing the billing is accurate and timely while you focus on keeping your patients healthy and happy.

Don’t risk losing out on maximum reimbursements. Each expert coder from AQuity knows the exact processes required for every clinical specialty and subspecialty. We’ll handle the complex medical coding while you handle the complex care.

Pain Management
Your attention should be on keeping your patients pain free, not on sufficiently documenting chronic pain management services. AQuity’s expert medical coders know the ins and outs of the correct codes for individualized pain management so you can continue improving your patient’s quality of life.
Additional Areas of Expertise Include:

A Medical Coding Specialist is Standing by to Answer Your Questions

As the most consistent Coding solutions provider according to KLAS, AQuity offers 100% certified coders to ensure accuracy and compliance. Contact us today to learn how we reduce your costs while improving your quality KPI results.
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Industry Recognitions

Black Book Logo 2023

BLACKBOOK - Top-Ranked 2023 Coding Service

Black Book collects client opinions across 18 operational areas to validate key performance indicators completely from the perspective of the end-user client experience.

AQuity has been judged the Top Ranked Coding Service based on Black Book Research’s independent survey results, collected from 1,691 users representing hospitals, health systems, ambulatory facilities, and physician practices.

Customer Reviews

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Keeping Your Data
Accessible and Secure

Security and safeguarding customer data has always been our highest priority at AQuity Solutions.

We are committed to continually improving our security posture as evidenced by maintaining certifications for SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and KLAS/Censinet Cybersecurity Transparency. We work closely with our IT and Security departments to ensure the data of our clients are protected and accessible to only those permitted to view the data. See our security webpage for more details.

AQuity Security Certifications
HIPPA Compliant

Medical Coding and Compliance

AQuity Medical Coding Solutions maintains compliance with HIPAA, and all government data regulations within the countries we do business. Our Information Security Management System ensures compliance through securing confidential information, utilizing compliant and secure data accessing practices, and promoting safe security measures to all AQuity employees for the security of our clients. AQuity Medical Coding staff is trained annually for HIPAA, GDPR, CMS Fraud, Waste and Abuse, ISO 27001, and social engineering and participates in on-going awareness campaigns to continuously ensure security. See our security webpage for more details.

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