Virtual Partners in Care

Making a difference in the lives of our
providers and the patients they serve

KLAS and Black Book Research both recognize AQuity as a top ranked clinical documentation and RCM services leader. Multiple independent surveys affirm the exceptional value clients experience with top market scores for Overall Satisfaction, Exceeds Expectations, Money’s Worth, and Drives Tangible Outcomes. In return, our clients reward us with loyalty and glowing references, because we’ve earned it.

Reducing/Preventing Physician Burnout

How does AQuity reduce/prevent physician burnout?

AQuity virtual scribes are a proven effective tool in reducing/preventing physician burnout. By relieving providers of their double duty of documentation specialists, AQuity virtual scribes allow providers to focus on their patients while we ensure more detailed, data rich clinical documents. On average, we improve RVU’s by 12% and enable providers to see one or two more patients per three-to-four hour encounter blocks and still go home within 30 minutes after seeing their last patient, without having to worry about pajama-time documentation responsibilities.

Protecting Data Security

How does AQuity protect data security?

AQuity annually qualifies for both ISO 27001 and Soc 2 Type 2 security certifications based on independent third-party auditing. Each team member, from our newest front-line production team member up through our company president and board members, take annual HIPPA, GDPR and other security training to ensure familiarity with expected processes and performance.

Optimizing Justifiable Billing and Collections

How does AQuity optimize justifiable billing and collections?

AQuity has earned top industry marks for quality and overall client satisfaction thanks to more than 40 years of large-scale virtual documentation services dedicated to supporting the best possible clinical and financial results. Our monthly coder education series attracts more than 2,000 students per session, making it by far the most successful program in the industry. Our auditing services always include positive process improvement recommendations versus got-cha responses, focusing our efforts on ensuring optimum justifiable billing and collection results.

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