Welcome to Remote Support Initiation. This page is for Aquity clients who need advanced technical support. Initiating a remote support session allows our technical staff to take full control of your Windows-based PC to solve advanced support issues. To activate a remote control support session, you must first speak to an Aquity Solutions technical support representative @ 1-800-DICTATE. To allow the technical support team access to your PC, you must run Ivanti® On Demand Remote Control Client. The program is automatically removed at the end of the session, so no one will have access to your machine. By clicking the link to install Ivanti® On Demand Remote Control Client you are agreeing to the following: TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, Aquity Solutions WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OF ANY KIND ARISING FROM THE USE OF THIS SITE, OR FROM ANY INFORMATION, CONTENT, MATERIALS, PRODUCTS, OR OTHER SERVICES INCLUDED ON OR OTHERWISE MADE AVAILABLE TO YOU THROUGH THIS SITE, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. YOU ARE ALSO AGREEING TO Aquity Solutions SERVICE AND SUPPORT POLICES. For current policies see our Reference Documents. To initiate the remote support session:
  1. Click Here to run the Ivanti® On Demand Remote Control Client.
  2. If prompted to run or save the Ivanti® On Demand Remote Control Client, respond YesRun or Open File.
  3. Ivanti® On Demand Remote Control Client window will appear on your desktop.
  4. The Aquity technical support representative will connect to your PC.
  5. At the conclusion of your technical support session the Ivanti® On Demand Remote Control Client will be removed from your PC automatically.
Legacy Ivanti® Remote Control Client – click only if directed by support technician

The Aquity Solutions Customer Care Center is the single point of contact that allows our customers to access a broad range of Support resources, consisting of Level 1, Level 2, Level 3. Our objective is to demonstrate a partnership position through consistent and timely Support.

Aquity Solutions Customer Support Services offers the most knowledgeable and professional support in the industry. Our Service Promise consists of:

  • Fast response;
  • Consistently high quality service;
  • Complete problem resolution; and
  • Personal touch.

Whenever you need them, Aquity’s people, technology and resources are available to help you succeed:

Central Point of Contact – One call to 1-888-DICTATE or email to offers individual attention, continuous communication and quick resolution, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Personal Service – Your advanced Local Customer Care team provides dedicated, expert support resources, and will work closely with you on any concern, taking ownership of the issue until it is completely resolved.

Proactive Problem-Solving – Asking the right questions and offering regular communication allows us to address many technical and support issues before they become a problem. Knowledgeable Professionals – The depth and diversity of industry and technical knowledge within Team Aquity Solutions is enhanced through ongoing training and advanced certification.

State-of-the-Art Technology – Custom issue resolution tracking and knowledge bases provide the Aquity Solutions support team with access to the most up-to-date, technical and customer support information. Aquity Solutions service management tools makes sharing information simple, providing the answers you need efficiently and effectively.

Proven Implementation MethodologyAquity combines technology, industry expertise and professional services to provide customized implementations that enable you to select the best technology and solution for your needs. Our professional, dedicated implementation teams utilize a structured methodology, based on industry best practices, that guarantees the highest level of satisfaction.