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Awards & Recognitions

AQuity Solutions delivers superior clinical and financial results to healthcare provider clients through outsourced services. Headquartered in Cary, NC, AQuity employs over 7,000 clinical documentation specialists throughout the U.S., India, Australia, Canada, and the U.K. for physician office services, provider documentation solutions, coding and revenue cycle management, and additional documentation services. With over 45 years of experience, the company is recognized by KLAS and Black Book as a leading vendor in multiple disciplines. AQuity is a wholly owned subsidiary of IKS Health.

About IKS Health:
IKS Health takes on the chores of healthcare—spanning administrative, clinical, and operational burdens—so that clinicians can focus on their core purpose: delivering great care. Combining pragmatic technology and dedicated experts, IKS enables stronger, financially sustainable enterprises. IKS’s Care Enablement Platform delivers data-driven value and expertise across the care journey, and IKS is a partner for clinician enterprises looking to effectively scale, improve quality and achieve cost savings through forward-thinking solutions. Founded in 2006, IKS’s global workforce supports large health systems across the United States. For more information, visit

Serving over 2,500 healthcare organizations nationwide

Over 45 years of experience in HIM & RCM support services

Recognized industry leader for data security and privacy

Proven onshore/offshore equal quality labor options

Partner for ever evolving balance of human/technology solutions

Our History

AQuity Solutions was founded on February 1, 2019, as a dedicated outsourced clinical documentation labor service. Initially created with the production workforce portion of the former M*Modal business when their technology assets were acquired by 3M, AQuity’s legacy traces back to 1984 with the formation of MedQuist as a consolidation of small regional transcription labor services in the Northeast.

In our more than 45 years of continuous operations serving the U.S. healthcare marketplace, our team has had a variety of owners, yet has evolved through a balance of strong organic growth as well as mergers and acquisitions to become the premier supplier of medical records business process outsourcing, as evidenced by our top rankings with both KLAS and Black Book.

Through the roll-up of legacy technology leaders such as Lanier, Digital Voice, Inc., and SpeechMachines, along with premier labor businesses such as CBay, Spheris, and scores of smaller, highly respected regional players, MedQuist, then M*Modal became a dominant force in the U.S. healthcare market.

As we forge our future path, we are committed to the business roots that have made us successful to date. Highly trained staff, supported by industry-leading technology, who are dedicated to delivering cost-effective services that support the clinical and financial outcomes of the healthcare provider organizations we serve. Technologies will come and go, processes and regulations will evolve, but in the end, service is delivered by people. With AQuity, you are supported by the same individuals and the same commitment you have come to know and trust. That is our history and that is our future.

Our Values


Navigate opportunities and obstacles with speed and certainty

  • Receive openly, be outside-in
  • Respond timely
  • Focus on outcomes as one


Embed insight and capability in our people, processes and technology

  • Impart knowledge and capability
  • Celebrate success and leverage failure
  • Empower everyone


Relentlessly pursue innovation and excellence

  • Identify emerging industry trends
  • Expand what’s possible
  • Integrate the best of people and technology; strive for excellence


Foster human connections and collaboration

  • Commit to the community
  • Cultivate collaboration
  • Ensure that people feel valued, not simply valuable

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