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Top-ranked Virtual Medical Scribing by KLAS and Black Book improves physician satisfaction, same-day chart closures, and reduces EHR/EMR clinical document creation burdens.

Clinical Document Creation Solutions
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AQuity Solutions Medical Scribing eliminates the number one cause of physician burnout by relieving providers from their duties as a documentation specialist so they can get back to engaging with their patients face-to-face.

Virtual medical scribes from AQuity offer flexible workflow models to accommodate how your physicians manage their practice. From pre-charting support to RCM friendly document details, our scribes offer physician support that goes far beyond basic discrete and non-discrete chart completion.

Reduce physician burnout, increase patient satisfaction, and improve document quality and financial results with industry-leading online medical scribes from AQuity.

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AQuity was ranked #1 of 25 Scribe Vendors for Black Book in 2022 and 2023 and was voted Best in KLAS for Virtual Scribing Solutions in 2023. Our team is also the exclusive partner with Vizient and Provista.

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Advantages of AQuity Virtual Medical Scribes

Improved Focus on Patients

AQuity Virtual Medical Scribes allow doctors to focus on patient care and spend more time face-to-face with them during encounters, without being distracted by simultaneously taking notes. This improves the quality of care doctors can provide as well as the patient experience through more personalized attention.

Improved Clinical Documentation
Improved Clinical Documentation

Virtual scribes also improve the accuracy and completeness of the medical records, as they are trained to capture all the necessary details to support downstream coding and ongoing patient care. This helps reduce errors and leads to better diagnoses, treatment plans, and subsequent patient outcomes.

Cost effective Service Model
Cost-effective Service Model

By outsourcing your virtual scribes with AQuity you eliminate the need for your providers or your organization to source, hire, and train their own scribes. Eliminating those overhead expenses and staff development requirements enable your team to stay focused on their core responsibilities. With AQuity’s tiered back-up model, you also avoid the unsupported gaps that are chronic with other services or directly employed service delivery models.

Improved Physician Wellness & Reduced Turnover

Virtual Scribes from AQuity have proven to significantly improve physician wellness and by extension, reduce turnover. Multiple provider organizations and third-party studies confirm near or complete elimination of after-hours documentation, the AMA’s acknowledged greatest contributor to burnout.

Virtual Medical Scribing Key Benefits

Reduced Burnout

Physician burnout is a serious problem, having a negative impact on patient care and leading to issues in retention, depression, and even suicide. AQuity Virtual Medical Scribing Solutions has earned the first ever “Best in KLAS” award and is proven to reduce physician burnout while helping improve clinical and financial results. Excessive charting burdens are one of the top contributors to physician burnout and turnover. AQuity’s virtual scribes alleviate documentation burdens so the provider can focus on patient care.

Increased Productivity

Who wouldn’t want less administrative burdens and increased justifiable revenue? Our Scribes relieve providers from documentation burdens while also forming more robust medical notes. Our larger academic medical facility clients have noted an average of 1-2 patients per 4-hour clinic shift and an average Relative Value Unit (RVU) improvement of 12-14% per chart using our virtual scribes.


When providers are overwhelmed with patient care and spending too much time charting, it can often effect the quality of the documentation, and, in turn, reimbursement. AQuity’s medical scribes receive extensive training to provide highly accurate documentation. We also establish multiple quality measures post-implementation to ensure success. These include quarterly health check forms, performance audits, scribe and provider facing feedback, and a Client Success Team.

Client Support

When outsourcing with AQuity, you will receive more than just a scribe – you get a whole support team behind you. We have a team responsible for both administrative and account management support. Our global account managers are responsible for client success while our operations managers oversee performance coaches and virtual scribes, making sure you get the best possible service available.


Providers can spend up to half of their day just charting. Virtual medical scribes relieve that burden, allowing the provider to focus on the patient during the visit. In fact, our virtual scribes can help in all sorts of ways from ordering labs and x-rays, updating existing templates, “chart prep” before visits, and even pend most computerized provider order entries (CPOE). All the providers must do is review and sign off.

Provider Preferences

Each provider has their own unique preferences when it comes to documentation. AQuity provides a 1:1 scribe to provider staffing ratio so that our scribes get to know their provider on a personal level. We also have backup scribes to reduce friction whenever there is turnover or missed shifts. A provider preference guide is created with each new client that contains standards, audits, and expectations in writing to help our team meet your requirements.

Minimized Keyboarding Time

Although Electronic Health Records (EHRs) contribute to patient documentation and care, they also increase the time required for providers to document each patient. Virtual Medical Scribes allow the provider to have more face-to-face time with patients, creating a more meaningful encounter. With a virtual scribe to handle the documentation, it’s possible for providers to see more patients without spending more time at the keyboard.

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As the most awarded virtual scribe solutions provider, AQuity has been recognized by KLAS and Black Book as the industry leader. Contact us today to learn how we increase physician wellness, reduce turnovers, and improve RVU’s by 12% on average.

How Our Solution Works


Providers connect with their virtual scribes via Teams to review the case history of the patient they are about to see. They are trained by their providers to compile details based on personal preferences.

2 Encounter Documentation

Providers focus on patient care while the scribes listen in on the patient conversation and populate the EHR documentation with all traditional SOAP note content and ongoing care details discussed.

3 Post Encounter Review and Sign-off

When the encounter has ended, providers go into their offices to review the record, make any required edits, and sign-off on prescriptions or orders—followed by pre-charting details for the next patient.

Virtual Scribes Workflow

Our Workflow
in Detail

AQuity Virtual Medical Scribes earned Best in KLAS and Top Ranked Black Book honors by delivering highly trained team members with a thorough understanding of clinical documentation and EHR navigation.  Dedicated one-to-one provider relationships and trained back-ups to cover any absences or career changes ensures consistent support and positive results for providers, patients, and the entire organization.

HIPPA Compliant

Why Choose AQuity?

You didn’t go into healthcare to spend your time at the computer. Spend more face-to-face time with your patients with AQuity Virtual Medical Scribing Solutions. Our virtual scribes allow you to focus on the patient during the visit rather than charting. As the largest Virtual Scribe provider in the U.S., you can scale your business and add more patients without getting behind on documentation.


Flexible Delivery Options

With AQuity, you have more than one option for how you’d like your documentation completed. We offer flexible delivery options for real-time scribe encounters, recorded encounters (ScribeAssist™), and post-encounter note support (DynaScribe™



Security is a top priority for AQuity. Our Virtual Medical Scribing Solutions received ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification to ensure confidentiality (information accessible only to authorized users), integrity (safeguards accuracy and completeness of information and processing methods), and availability (authorized users can access data and associated assets when required).

Our SOC 2 Type 1 certification demonstrates our control across security, privacy, availability, confidentiality, and integrity. In addition, we are working on obtaining HITRUST certification which is the Gold Standard in security related certifications.



Our virtual medical scribes go through an intensive hiring, training, and retaining process where they undergo medical coursework, hands-on charting experience, shadow shifts designed to enhance chart readiness, and EHR/EMR training in the provider’s environment.

A New Hire Coach serves as the scribe’s primary point of contact for questions and provides feedback throughout the training. We offer over 40 specialty courses and have added more than 30 in-depth topic courses to augment the specialty training.


Global Workforce

We have a global workforce of virtual scribes who are already knowledgeable in the medical field and are 100% employed by AQuity with no subcontractors.

All scribes undergo more than 200 hours of training in our Scribe Academy and our teams work together to ensure success. With virtual scribes, we are able to leverage different labor markets and time zones to make sure we provide the right match for you.


Personal Assistant

AQuity’s virtual scribes often act as personal assistants for their providers, anticipating their needs and getting to know personal preferences. They impact performance by reducing the burden on clinicians and improving efficiency.

Scribes do the heavy lifting of visit and pre-charting, computerized provider order entries (CPOEs), and in-basket management. This all allows the provider to stay on top of documentation and spend more time with their patients.


Reduced Charting Time

Providers can spend up to half of their day just charting, but with virtual medical scribes, providers can focus on other priorities. They organize data before appointments and complete visit charting within 24-hours. A minimum of 30 minutes per day is saved in pre-charting, boosting physician wellness.


Third Party Validation

In a case study by KLAS Research, AQuity Virtual Medical Scribing Solutions reduced physician burnout and time spent in the EHR for a group of 100 primary and specialty care physicians. The study showed that 98% of surveyed participants would recommend a virtual scribe to their colleague. The results also indicated that 88% felt satisfied with their scribe, that their documentation burdens had been decreased during clinic hours, and that their after-hours documentation was reduced.


Quality of Life

Spending your hours completing charts after work is never something a provider wants to do. This “pajama time” contributes to physician burnout with dire consequences. Virtual medical scribes reduce physician burnout by completing visit and pre-visit charts. Outsourcing to AQuity allow providers to spend more time with their patients during clinic hours and more time with their family after hours.

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As the most awarded virtual scribe solutions provider, AQuity has been recognized by KLAS and Black Book as the industry leader.  Contact us today to learn how we increase physician wellness, reduce turnovers, and improve RVU’s by 12% on average.

Over 60 Areas of Expertise

There’s a reason AQuity has been ranked #1 out of the top 25 scribe vendors for Black Book and is the only certified scribe partner for Vizient and Provista. Our industry-leading virtual scribe program offers physician support beyond basic discrete and non-discrete chart completion. AQuity’s virtual scribes serve as trusted personal assistants and have expertise in over 60 specialty areas, including:

Family Medicine

Our most extensive users are family medicine providers, who offer comprehensive care for patients of all ages. Our virtual scribes help providers stay informed of their wide coverage with pre-charting and other documentation burdens.


AQuity’s virtual medical scribes have extended familiarity with pediatric specialties, including endocrinology, ENT, gastroenterology, hematology/oncology, neurology, and orthopedics. They can deliver the highly accurate notes required in pediatrics to ensure quality care of children.

Emergency Medicine

Even in the unscheduled, harried world of emergency medicine, our team of virtual scribes can handle the quick charting needed. They will take care of all the documentation so the providers can rapidly care for patients requiring immediate medical attention for illnesses and injuries.

Medical Genetics

AQuity’s virtual medical scribes are well versed in the complicated world of medical genetics and the diagnosis and management of hereditary disorders. They can help providers take care of charts and notes related to screening for genetic disease, such as chromosomal disorders, congenital anomalies, and common disorders with hereditary factors.


The kidneys perform many critical functions for the body, which means the providers must keep accurate notes. Our highly trained team tackles all areas of documentation covering kidney disorders and management of the systemic consequences of kidney disfunction.


Diseases of the endocrine/glandular system, such as diabetes, can lead to serious health issues and require expert care. Our dedicated virtual scribes help you prepare for and document patient visits so you can focus on providing the specialized care.

Sports Medicine

You can’t spend your time sitting at the keyboard when you’re trying to keep your patients active. AQuity’s virtual scribes take over the charting so you can concentrate on treating and preventing sports and exercise injuries.


Our skilled staff are trained in specialty areas and can accurately chart for all surgical and medical management for conditions of ears, nose, sinuses, throat, respiratory, and upper alimentary systems. They tackle the documentation while you spend more face-to-face time with your patients.

Infectious Disease

When you’re dealing with diseases that can be communicable, it’s crucial that you take precise notes. That’s where AQuity’s can help. They’ve received over 200 hours of training so they are knowledgeable about in specialty areas, including illnesses caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi.


Diagnosing and treating patients with tumors and cancer requires a delicate and personal touch. Spend your time focused on your patient, providing quality, compassionate care, while AQuity’s scribes complete highly accurate documentation.

Plastic Surgery

Whether you’re performing reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, your patients deserve your full attention. With expert virtual medical scribes to complete your charts, you can spend face-to-face time with your patient rather than the computer screen.


Our highly trained virtual scribes act as trusted personal assistants and handle accurate notes for rheumatic disorders that cause inflammation in the bones, muscles, and joints. They keep you up to date with your patients’ medical history so you can provide better care.


Treating disorders of the urinary tract requires specialty care. AQuity’s virtual medical scribes receive additional training in specialties to match with providers’ needs, meaning you’ll have complete and accurate notes ready to review and sign.

Vascular Surgery

Precise notes are needed to go with the precision required for surgery covering heart and blood flow issues. You can rely on our highly skilled virtual medical scribes for submit ready-to-sign documentation without you having to spend as much time at the computer.


You can get back to providing quality care for females throughout their different life stages with an AQuity virtual medical scribe trained in the obstetrics and gynecology specialty. They provide visit and pre-charting to help you better prepare for your individual patients.

Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

Treating patients with diseases affecting the mouth, jaws, face, and neck can make a difference in their lives. Our skilled virtual scribes have extensive knowledge in the area and can help keep you focused on patient care while they take care of the administrative burdens.


Emotional health is just as important as physical health. Spend your time connected with your patients in helping correct behavioral disorders, treating depression, and managing major thought disorders while AQuity’s virtual scribes complete accurate charts and manage documentation burdens.

Additional Areas of Expertise Include:

Virtual Medical Scribing FAQ

We hire a multitude of different resources, including transcriptionists that are transitioning to live scribing, Medical Students, and Former Medical Assistants and Registered Nurses.

Our domestic resources have around 14-16 months of longevity with our company. Our global resources have a longevity that we count in years rather than months.

Our preferred connection method is via a WiFi-enabled mobile device (iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Android Device) via Microsoft Teams. Other methods of connection are available; however, all require use of Microsoft Teams.

A scribe cannot send orders or pend orders for narcotic/opioid medication. They can never sign the chart for the provider. They cannot speak to patients without the physician prompting. They cannot call patients or schedule patients. They cannot print or physically scan items.

Our virtual scribes can pre-chart the note for the next day’s clinic which, saves the provider time by having the note prepped (including deep dives into old notes, lab results, and ready to review before seeing the patient). They will document all aspects of the note, including the HPI, ROS, PE, Assessment and Plan.

The virtual scribe is also able to enter patient instructions, capture LOS with the providers prompt, create letters for the patient, and send notes to referring physicians. They can pend most CPOE for a physician to review and send once the note is signed.

Please reach out to your account executive to discuss all pricing options.

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As the most awarded virtual scribe solutions provider, AQuity has been recognized by KLAS and Black Book as the industry leader.  Contact us today to learn how we increase physician wellness, reduce turnovers, and improve RVU’s by 12% on average.


Industry Recognitions


Inaugural Best in KLAS Real-Time Virtual Scribes

AQuity was recognized as the 2023 Best in KLAS solution provider for Real-time Virtual Scribes, the first year scribes were evaluated by KLAS.


Top-Ranked Black Book Virtual Scribing Solutions

Virtual scribes from AQuity have been Top Rated by Black Book since they first began covering the discipline.

Customer Reviews

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Keeping Your Data
Accessible and Secure

Security and safeguarding customer data has always been our highest priority at AQuity Solutions.

We are committed to continually improving our security posture as evidenced by maintaining certifications for SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and KLAS/Censinet Cybersecurity Transparency. We work closely with our IT and Security departments to ensure the data of our clients are protected and accessible to only those permitted to view the data. See our security webpage for more details.


Virtual Scribing and Compliance

AQuity Virtual Medical Scribing Solutions maintains compliance with HIPAA, and all government data regulations within the countries we do business. Our Information Security Management System ensures compliance through securing confidential information, utilizing compliant and secure data accessing practices, and promoting safe security measures to all AQuity employees for the security of our clients. 

AQuity virtual scribing staff are trained annually for HIPAA, GDPR, CMS Fraud, Waste and Abuse, ISO 27001, and social engineering and participate in on-going awareness campaigns to continuously ensure security. See our security webpage for more details.

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