A Proven Healthcare Regulatory Compliance Approach that is Annually Validated by 3rd Party Security Experts


A diligent commitment to security is required to do business in healthcare. As a global enterprise, AQuity follows HIPAA and GDPR guidelines with all staff, from the CEO to the front-line production team members, subject to annual security training. To ensure preparedness of our people, processes, and infrastructure, AQuity annually completes multiple third-party Security Audits and are consistently confirmed without any Non-Conformance findings.

Our Commitment

AQuity uses a combination of best practices and technology subject to third-party audits in order to safeguard customer data in accordance with industry regulations and customer contracts.

Specifically, AQuity undergoes audits to maintain certifications for SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and KLAS/Censinet Cybersecurity Transparency. Every member of our staff is trained annually for HIPAA, CMS Fraud-Waste and Abuse, GDPR, and Security, and participate in on-going awareness campaigns.

Our entire team is fully committed to information security and compliance. We recognize our customers are in the business of helping people, and AQuity accepts the responsibility to protect their data as an essential obligation to performing that mission.


Replacing the popular SAS/70 standard, SOC2 was developed by the AICPA to provide a way for service providers to demonstrate that they have appropriate controls in place across these five areas: Security, Privacy, Availability, Confidentiality, and Integrity.


ISO 27001
An international standard for security, ISO 27001 ensures that a security program is in place, with appropriate processes to make it an effective, working process and not simply empty policy. ISO 27001 ensures that not only does AQuity have a strong security program, it takes steps throughout the year to maintain and improve it.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001
ISO 9001 is not only recognized internationally as the world’s most widely adopted Quality Management System (QMS), but also a powerful business improvement tool and the international quality system of choice. The ISO 9001 certification employs a process and risk-based thinking approach, thus enabling AQuity to determine the factors that could cause its processes and its quality management system to deviate from the planned results, to put in place preventive controls to minimize negative effects, and to make maximum use of opportunities as they arise.

KLAS Censinet The Cybersecurity Transparent Designation, measured by KLAS Research and Censinet, sets the standard for cybersecurity preparedness throughout the healthcare landscape. AQuity was awarded this certification, demonstrating our continuous commitment to risk posture and cybersecurity maturity. More About KLAS Censinet

These certifications confirm AQuity’s Information Security Management System meets or exceeds industry best practices and that our security controls are strictly adhered to in the delivery of all service and product offerings across all locations, including in the U.S., India, Canada, and Australia.

AQuity Solutions uses state of the art technologies to monitor and safeguard customer data. We only store what is needed to provide service, limit where it is stored, and comply with data regulations and customer contracts. AQuity relies on least privileged data access and the zero-trust philosophy. AQuity only allows those who need to see your data to see it, no one else. At every stage, AQuity verifies communication about who is seeing the data, and AQuity seeks to constantly improve their security posture.

AQuity Solutions is always looking ahead and preparing for anything that may come their way. AQuity holds itself by these principles: Secure, Defend, Contain, Monitor, and Anticipate. Once the data is safely and securely stored, and once your data is protected and contained against others, AQuity monitors where everything is; AQuity works hard to anticipate any problems and provide solutions before data is at risk. AQuity’s security program keeps an eye out for any potential future or present security issues.

AQuity takes proper measures to not only understand our data, but to continue to understand our role in data protection and management. As a global enterprise, AQuity follows HIPAA, GDPR, and all other applicable data regulations. All AQuity employees are subjected to both annual security training and training during their time of hire. We train our staff in HIPAA, CMS Fraud-Waste and Abuse, GDPR, ISO Security, and social engineering. AQuity is dedicated to promoting awareness amongst our staff and to promoting data safety at all times.

AQuity Solutions serves customers of all types and sizes in the healthcare industry. Our customers are in the business of helping people, and AQuity Solutions security team is in the business of helping our customers. We assist customers who have been impacted by security events, ranging in scope and magnitude by finding ways to continue to provide stable and secure services when our customers need it most.

Our customers can call in to 1-800-DICTATE at any time with a security question or technical problem. There is always an AQuity employee available to answer the call, listen and understand the nature of the issue and quickly take the appropriate measures to solve the problem. AQuity Solutions has a great customer service track record, and we are constantly seeking to improve our services to retain our customer base, even in situations that require dynamic shifts in external factors.

AQuity Solutions knows that not every problem can be traced back to technology. While AQuity Solutions security team is very knowledgeable and versatile with technological situations, AQuity also knows that some problems can be stressed by external factors. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, AQuity Solutions implemented a business contingency plan and continued their work as regularly scheduled. AQuity was able to shift their services to geographically different areas without any interruptions in their security system.


Pandemics aren’t the only thing AQuity plans for. AQuity has a detailed business plan and carefully thought-out contingency strategies for all external factors. Each security measure and plan are updated and improved often, to accommodate for changes and for emergencies at every stage. AQuity’s training program incorporates training for all potential security risks and potential geographic shifts.

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