Legal Doc Prep & Transcription

Save your staff the headache. Let AQuity do the prep work.

Find flexible solutions without compromising turnaround time or quality.

Streamline your process and increase your caseload with large scale, customizable document processing and high-quality transcription from our experts at AQuity. Our legal services and technology are configurable to the level you need, whether you’re a single practice law firm or have dozens of court reporters. We provide additional user-friendly tools to enhance your workflow, which means you can take on a higher number of large case files, maximize your revenue, and grow your business.

AQuity Legal Doc Prep & Transcription
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Document Preparation Pages Processed in the Past 12 Months
0 M+
Average Turn Around Time for 2,000 Page or Less Files Last Month
0 Hrs
Transcribed Legal Audio Files in the Past 12 Months
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AQuity Legal Doc Prep & Transcription Services

AQuity can streamline your document preparation and transcription processes so that your staff can spend less time struggling through files and more time on vital tasks. Our platforms easily accommodate jurisdictional differences and legal requirements with consistency so you can scale quickly and effectively without compromising turnaround time or quality.

Legal Document Preparation Services

Your legal team has better uses for their time than tedious, large scale document preparation. AQuity indexes, sorts, and hyperlinks large case files from multiple sources so you can quickly find the information you need. We help you prepare your case for arbitration, deposition, or trial.

  • General Liability
  • Workers Comp 
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Mass Tort

Plus, our proprietary document prep technology platform and security certifications mean you never have to worry about privacy and information breaches. It’s what we’ve been doing with private medical information for over 45 years with strict security measures across the globe.

AQuity Legal Document Preparation services provide:

  • 24-hour TAT for files up to 2,000 pages
  • Catering to jurisdictional differences
  • Proprietary document preparation technology platform
  • SOC2 certification and ISO 27001 audits
  • Secure and user-friendly workflows

Document Prep Workflow

Document Prep Workflow

Legal Transcription Services

With our large-scale transcription services, AQuity can process quickly and effectively without compromising turnaround time (TAT), quality, or security. No matter your existing level of technology, we have options that fit your needs and the security certifications to back it. It’s why customers trust us with transcription for high-profile cases.

From customer portals to mobile dictation with secure voice capture methods, Legal Transcription services from AQuity has you covered.

  • Written Briefs
  • Legal Correspondence
  • Trial Transcripts
  • Depositions
  • Arbitrations

AQuity Legal Transcription services provide:

  • Standard turnaround times as short as 24 hours
  • Catering to jurisdictional differences
  • Custom transcription technology options
  • SOC2 certification and ISO 27001 audits
  • Secure and user-friendly platforms

Transcription Workflow

Transcription Workflow
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