A No-Brainer Part 2: Document Prep Acceleration

Part 2

Get to the Point

Irrelevant documentation adds more to the pile and elongates the process of review, while potentially negatively influencing comprehension. Removing all the clutter helps promote a clean thought process, clearer decision making, and quicker review, creating an opportunity for accelerated workflow and optimized financial results.


A medical summary is often used as a guide to organize files, highlighting key details of each medical document, and serving as a case translation guide. The summary is used to break down medical terminology for easy comprehension by non-legal or medical laypeople. Clearly defining medical terminology can be the key for jurors when trying to understand endless procedures, diagnostic codes, and treatments, in conjunction with associated legal positioning.


Once an attorney has a clear indication of how much damages were billed to the plaintiff, they can start to form a settlement figure with accurate reconciliation summaries to correlate discrepancies against the bills for services. For example, the mountain of documentation received will include details of the medical treatments and associated bills. The attorney cannot include an amount in the settlement figure without the bill and may miss accounting for it if that bill is overlooked in the pile of hard-copy documents.


Thorough and accurate treatment and billing details can make all the difference – whether paid or unpaid, discounted or not. AMA policy states that the condition for which a charge is customary and reasonable is not a discounted rate. These are the types of details the AQuity Document Prep team resolve.

Keeping Up with Digitization

Cloud technologies are among their top investments, particularly when it comes to documentation, according to 35% of CIOs[1]. AQuity returns digitized, easy-to-access, sorted documentation, saving space, and improving accessibility with appropriate security measures in place. Accordingly, AQuity alleviates all storage concerns with a client facing portal.


Digitization is an important process to support large file organization. Although AQuity mainly focuses on IME and legal office assistance, all offices who handle large volumes of documentation can benefit from file digitization. On average, workers spend a week each year looking for misplaced papers or items. Digitization alleviates this burden because an office’s important files are then stored in a singular place. Furthermore, 80% of employees prefer digitization to share files between multiple reviewers, enabling teams to be more efficient[2].


In the document prep market, digitization is becoming increasingly popular. With less physical copies to sort through, file access review, and distribution are all accelerated with digitized document prep.


[1] Leonard, Kimberlee. 2023

[2] Ibid. 2023.

Turn-key Solutions for Legal and Medico-Legal Firms

At AQuity, our Document Prep services offer turn-key solutions for companies that provide legal solutions, medical examiners, insurance companies, state agencies, large employers, and law firms. AQuity is a recognized market leader for delivering consistent quality and turnaround time for any Legal and Medico-Legal enterprise who manage complex personal injury, and/or workers comp cases.


By combing endless pages of documentation and organizing records received from multiple sources into clearly labeled and easily navigable digital case files, reviewers can thoroughly evaluate even the most complex and comprehensive files quickly. The AQuity process delivers easy to follow timelines by tagging each document and extracting the dates, facility, providers, and other key information found within each document for automated chronological sorting.


Our fully customizable Document Prep services help our clients relieve their in-house staff from the tedious burdens associated with document prep efforts. Learn more about how AQuity’s Document Prep Services helps clients reduce case review times, lower overall costs, and grow their businesses. 

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