Client Profile:

A small Independent Medical Examination (IME) office overloaded with dictation.


Doctors routinely pushed dictation efforts off to the end of the month due to being overwhelmed by other administrative tasks. By delaying their documentation efforts, it significantly decreased the doctors’ bandwidth to see month end patients and balance their overall schedules. These documentation and scheduling issues caused substantial delays in billing, interrupted consistent cash flow, and prevented gains in total revenue for their practice.


AQuity Solutions offered around the clock documentation support that enabled the providers direct staff to study, track, and trend customer volumes and maximize scheduling. AQuity assisted the IME practice to organize this data and enable near real-time dictation. The AQuity team helped the practice improve overall workflow efficiency and meet targeted patient growth goals at the end of each month.


  • AQuity Solutions partnered with our customer to have a service level agreement (SLA) for documentation turnaround times of 95% or higher.
  • Despite the new daily spike in dictation efforts, documents are no longer rushed, and quality reviews ensure 98% accuracy or better.
  • Thanks to the new practice efficiency, they hit their revenue targets by improving documentation efficiency, enabling the practice to onboard additional volumes successfully.
  • By utilizing AQuity’s IME transcription solutions, the client not only kept up with their workload, but they were able to increase their monthly patient volumes. Inhouse staff was able to focus on other critical administrative tasks while their monthly net revenue increased.

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