Client Profile:

The client is a small Independent Medical Examination firm, with less than 1,000 employees. The client has more than one vendor, one of which is used for transcription and the other is used for document preparation services.


The client has vendors for both medical transcription and document preparation. The client has been utilizing a lot of their time to communicate and streamline processes between vendors by themselves, putting aside time that they could be using to reschedule appointments, request additional documents, and align future appointments to a schedule they can abide by. They would like a vendor who can provide both services to allow for better communication and services provided.


AQuity Solutions provides both medical transcription and document preparation services. AQuity Solutions document prep provided the client with one line of contact, one invoice to pay, and consistency in the layout of the documents in return.


AQuity Solutions Document Prep services helped the client:

  • The client was able to focus on other important tasks, instead of maintaining constant supervision and communication on two different vendors.
  • The client could reschedule appointments for no-shows.
  • The client could focus on aligning future appointments.
  • AQuity Solutions supplied the client with requested additional documents, further streamlining their processes.
  • AQuity Solutions was the singular point of communication for the client, giving them the consistency that they were looking for from their vendor services.

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