Client Profile:

A nationwide health system of 30 hospitals with more than 4,000 licensed beds.


The client had acquired several new provider practices and groups, and volumes from their current provider base were increasing on a consistent basis. The client had challenges with staffing for the coding support needed to maintain a stable revenue flow. They required a partner who could handle profee coding for a massive organization.


AQuity had been supporting the large health system for over three years with hiring and onboarding coding staff to cover multiple facilities and patient types. The success that AQuity achieved in taking on multiple facilities and patient types gave the health system confidence in handing over their provider coding as well. After obtaining the volume and specialties needed, AQuity’s ongoing communication and partnership with the client allowed us to hire a large global team of coders and begin coding support for all the specialties that were identified. Additional complex specialties were added as we built the team and the client had confidence in our coding ability with high quality coding and high production.


The AQuity Coding team achieved:

  • Hiring over 60 profee coders, bringing our total number of the coding team to 200 for this client
  • Increase in justifiable revenue availability due to TAT of 24-48 hours of DOS
  • Alleviating client of specialty and complex profee in-house coding workload
  • Coding on average over 4,000 encounters daily and more than 85,000 monthly
  • Relieving client of administrative burden of hiring and training coders

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