Client Profile:

Rural critical access hospital with four affiliated health clinics.


An inexperienced HIM Director was struggling, and it was negatively impacting the facility. Coding had fallen behind, DNFB was growing, and they faced a tight deadline to reduce the backlog and file an accurate cost report with the state. The Director needed additional training and the department needed leadership.


Aquity conducted a detailed onsite department assessment followed by both onsite and remote mentoring to improve department operational efficiencies and strengthen the HIM Directors’ skill sets. Due to the fast approaching deadline to file their cost report with the state, short term remote coding support was engaged to eliminate the department backlog.


The Aquity interim management and coding team achieved:

  • Multiple process inefficiencies and skill development opportunities
    were identified following a thorough department assessment conducted
    by Aquity’s credentialed, experienced Interim Management Director.
  • Assessment recommendations were implemented to improve
    department workflow, and educational resources were provided that
    effectively elevated the HIM Director’s skill set.
  • Coding support eliminated the backlog and the facility was able to file
    an accurate, comprehensive and on time cost report with the state.
  • A follow up assessment was conducted that identified higher level skill
    development and workflow improvement opportunities that were
    subsequently achieved.
  • All CEO and CFO goals were met, and the hospital Director was able to
    effectively operate independently moving forward.
  • The interim HIM Director was brought back in to cover the hospital
    Director’s scheduled vacation time.

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