Client Profile:

A health system of 22 hospitals with 300+ outpatient locations


The client struggled to find qualified candidates to maintain internal coding positions and needed a partner that could fill the labor shortage gap.


AQuity worked with the client to establish staffing lead time expectations and phased in approximately 2-3 coders per week until fully staffed within a few months. The requested support began for all patient types including inpatient, same day surgery, observations, emergency department, and professional fee coding support. AQuity also was able to help this client get caught up on a large professional fee coding backlog in approximately four months. The success of communication within both teams and customer satisfaction led to AQuity becoming the sole coding vendor. Once this client merged with another health system, also an AQuity coding client, the work has more than doubled expanding support for all hospitals within the new system. With the directive to reduce costs, AQuity expanded the number of coders supporting this client by doubling the amount of FTEs and moved to a global coding support solution while maintaining quality, productivity, and communication.


The AQuity Coding team achieved:

  • Hired 15 FTEs to start, increasing to 30 FTEs to fulfill client needs due to internal labor shortage
  • The switch to a global coding support solution improved quality and productivity metrics in a matter of 1-2 months
  • Satisfaction with coding quality and productivity as well as communication and oversight from the AQuity support team led to the expansion of coding support

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