Make Your Job Easier with the Right Transcription Partner

From partner to trusted colleague

If you’ve been lucky enough to experience a colleague on your team who makes your job easier, you know how hard it is to lose them when they move to a different department or organization. You not only miss the relationship, but their absence leaves you with extra work burdens. To what lengths would you go to have them on your team again?


The Medical Transcription team at AQuity Solutions is that colleague. When providers are scattered across other sites as hospitals close, they often request to continue working with AQuity because they don’t want to lose that supportive colleague that they’ve grown to know and trust.

Benefits of the Right Transcription Partner:

Flexible Solutions
Your preferences, our purpose

Every office has their own unique workflow. AQuity supports you in whatever way you decide works best, even if that means going old school. Still using paper charts? No problem.


When one of our clients was moved to another location, he didn’t want any changes to his preferred paper system. He was comfortable with our transcriptionists who had been accommodating his preference and entering the information in the electronic health record. The leadership at the new location allowed him to continue our services, keeping the provider happy and minimizing disruption.

Proactive Approach
Your expectations are met every time

A good colleague doesn’t do just the bare minimum, and neither do we. Our education programs keep our transcriptionists at the top of their field, and continual feedback from their performance coaches makes sure they write notes to the specifications of each client.

If your reports need to look a certain way or contain specific information, our dedicated transcriptionists adjust each one to match those expectations. Once we know your preferences, you never have to ask twice.

Ease of Use
A user-friendly experience

You should never have to struggle figuring out how to use your own system. When clients come to us with workflows they don’t want to replace but find tricky to use, we create work arounds. Talking with our clients, we find out their needs, how they want things to work, and we adjust to them instead of the other way around.


Our clients are happy with our products but even happier with the service behind it. When you are rushed to complete paperwork or move to another patient, the last thing you have time for is to wait on your vendor. Our clients know that for any issue that springs up, AQuity is just a call away. We take patient care of whatever is needed immediately.

Customer Relationship
A solid relationship built on trust

One of the keys to any good relationship is listening. Our team listens, gathers information, puts together a plan, makes adjustments, and resolves issues. It’s something that has solidified relationships over the years. Our clients know they can always call, and we’ll not only fix the issue, we’ll make certain the same issue never happens again.

Make Your Job Easier
Pick a partner you don’t want to lose

You can’t always pick everyone you need to work with, but you can pick your partners. And if those partners work the way they are supposed to, you’ll view they become trusted colleagues. That’s why we receive so many requests from clients to continue working with us when they move locations. They’re comfortable with our team and know that AQuity makes their job easier. We can do the same for you.

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