Tailored Medical Transcription Workflows

Customizable Clinical Documentation Workflows to Meet Your Goals

You know that feeling when something’s not working right, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? When it comes to your transcription workflow, AQuity Solutions understands some service improvement opportunities can stay hidden for a while. They often only come to the surface after we’ve worked with clients to understand their downstream needs and quality measures to help make their workload simpler and faster.


“Every facility has something that is unusual – something that they don’t even realize is slowing them down until everything else is running smoothly,” said Charles Padgett, AQuity Customer Relationship Manager.


We understand that considering changes to your entire workflow is not the first thing you think of when struggling with day-to-day issues. Instead, AQuity tailors the way we approach your company’s specific tasks based on documentation success measures further downstream in your workflow, helping you improve your overall efficiencies in a way that’s convenient and cost effective for you.


Flexible and Customizable Workflow Solutions


AQuity Medical Transcription Services helps identify problem areas and figure out how tasks can be completed more efficiently. That can mean offering services that simply have never been considered by your provider organization. Do you have a doctor that needs transcription but doesn’t want to dictate 20 pages of lab results? Do you host Zoom meetings with multiple speakers that require detailed written documentation? How about an mp3 file that needs to be transcribed?


Our team partners with you to make your documentation work for you rather than against you. Whether that’s receiving scanned or faxed lab reports to transcribe or identifying an app a doctor will want to use for dictation, our flexibility in services allows your team to work the way they want. Additional workflows, such as these, may impact hundreds of facilities or just one provider, relieving what has been an enormous headache.


Dedicated Technical Teams Add a Human Touch


With customizable workflows, anything is possible, and that includes the need for technical support. AQuity’s Medical Transcription Services include dedicated technical teams to help you navigate your system and troubleshoot when needed. Whether it’s pathology, radiology, or Health Information Management (HIM), our team has years of experience working in direct access platforms and can guide you from an IT perspective through upgrades, access issues, software changes, and everything in between.


“Everybody wants someone that they can talk to and strategize with,” said Padgett. “AQuity has someone who speaks the technical person’s language to precisely define workflow requirements, success metrics, and work with you to create the most cost-effective, efficient approach that provides the required workflow visibility. Our customizable workflows and technical support allow the facility to work with a human being open to creative solutions based on project requirements rather than forcing all projects into the same rigid, restrictive workflow. You don’t get that with off the shelf software packages.”


Find out how AQuity can help make your clinical documentation challenges easier for your organization with our highly flexible Medical Transcription Services.

Regina Buchwald, VP, AQuity Solutions Transcription and Medico-Legal Operations

Regina has served as the AQuity/M*Modal Vice President of US domestic operations since November 2013. Her primary responsibility is to ensure transcription service Key Performance Indicators are maintained at the highest level throughout the organization. Regina began her career as a front-line medical transcriptionist, then joined the company in 2002, where she has held a number of key leadership roles in services and operations. She has 23 years’ experience in the healthcare industry.

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