Medical Transcription Services
Specialty Transcription Backlog Elimination


Client Profile:

The largest hospital system in South Texas with comprehensive specialty care facilities for cardiovascular, robotics, oncology, emergency medicine, orthopedic and Women’s health services.

Critical radiology and pathology transcription backlog due to business failure of
previous outsourced vendor to deliver services as contracted. Accelerated
onboarding (less than 30 days) needed to eliminate substantial backlog and
return to normal turnaround time cycles.


Daily analysis meetings and progress updates were held to manage through the
compressed timetable and drive fast tracked team collaboration across Human
Resources, Application Analyst, Operations, IT, and Project Management
departments to conduct accelerated assessment, discovery and plan of action
development. Project scope included coordination between Radiology
Information (RIS) and PACS systems, Pathology information system (LIS), and
Aquity facilitated dictation applications. We coordinated with client’s IT staff to
arrange access for remote staff, download required software applications, and
ensure stability and security for connectivity and configurations. Configured
client specifics, sample reports, partnership engagement processes, QA
assessments, and sign off procedures.


The Aquity HIM, Pathology and Radiology Operations Team accomplished:

  • Successful on-time go-live.
  • Cleared a three-week Pathology backlog in 9 days while keeping up with
    current dictation.
  • Eliminated a five-day radiology transcription backlog within 48 hours.
  • Phased approach over 6 weeks ramping up 8 campuses and facilities to a full
    AQuity radiology transcription outsource.
  • Knowledge transfer of laboratory information PACS information and
    dictation systems
  • Creation of detailed training materials to accelerate workflow, reduce new
    staff member ramp up time, and ensure total transcription program success.
  • Specialty transcription service teams beat turnaround time objectives and
    exceeded quality measures beginning with first day of go-live. Pathology
    backlogs were brought current within 48 hours. Radiology backlog were
    brought current on the go-live date.

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