Problem #4: No Personal Control Over Workload

Physicians begin their career with the ideals of helping others, but many find themselves burned out and unable to provide the time and quality of care they would like to for their patients. A survey by the American Medical Association (AMA) lists “No Personal Control Over Workload” as the fourth leading cause of physician burnout at 35%.

If you find yourself tied to the screen just completing the tasks required to get through the day, AQuity Virtual Medical Scribing can help. The administrative burdens and documentation requirements for reimbursement often require hours charting during or after patient visits, causing you to spend too much time after hours doing paperwork and not the time you would like with your patient.

Virtual scribes take over a good portion of that paperwork, freeing you up to conduct patient visits the way you would like. They handle getting in the notes during the visit, while reminding you of any pertinent information to bring up with the patient. All the required documentation takes place in a timely manner, and when you’re not exhausted from afterhours paperwork, you have more time to commit to your patients. More time means you can add more patients if you would like and still get out of the office at a decent hour without having to go home to do more paperwork.

Take control over your workload and reduce physician burnout with AQuity Virtual Medical Scribing.

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By Jaime Christian, AQuity Solutions Director of Virtual Scribes Client Success

Jaime has been a leader of the Medical Scribe industry for over 12 years. She started as an in-person medical scribe in a busy Emergency Department. She has worked with health systems across the United States to implement scribe programs for Ambulatory Practices, Emergency Departments, Inpatient Hospitalist Groups, and Urgent Cares. Jaime's experience in over 50+ EHRs, most medical specialties, along with her passion for improving provider wellness, has helped shape AQuity's Virtual Scribe Program. She believes that a well-trained and efficient scribe can benefit any provider. As one of the founders of AQuity's Virtual Scribe Service, Jaime has strategically partnered to build and transform this program to deliver a high-quality service.

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