Top 5 Causes of Physician Burnout

Reduce Physician Burnout with Virtual Scribes

Many physicians enter med school with dreams of connecting with patients, making a real difference in the lives of those they touch, or even seeing generations of a single family throughout their career. Unfortunately, the rate of physician burnout has increased over the years. According to StatPearls, national studies show that over fifty percent of providers experience symptoms of burnout.  


Not only does burnout have a negative impact on patients, but it can lead to issues in retention, depression, and even suicide in physicians if not addressed. Virtual Medical Scribing Services with AQuity Solutions helps increase physician wellness. KLAS reported AQuity services as highly effective and beneficial with best in market results to reduce physician burnout.


“When providers are burned out from doing their job, they’re not able to practice medicine properly. AQuity virtual scribes take the burden off providers so they can go back to taking care of the patient,” said Matthew Waitt, AQuity Solutions Client Development Manager.

A survey in 2020 by the American Medical Association (AMA) ranks the contributors to physician burnout. The top 5 causes are:

By Jaime Christian, AQuity Solutions Director of Virtual Scribes Client Success

Jaime has been a leader of the Medical Scribe industry for over 12 years. She started as an in-person medical scribe in a busy Emergency Department. She has worked with health systems across the United States to implement scribe programs for Ambulatory Practices, Emergency Departments, Inpatient Hospitalist Groups, and Urgent Cares. Jaime's experience in over 50+ EHRs, most medical specialties, along with her passion for improving provider wellness, has helped shape AQuity's Virtual Scribe Program. She believes that a well-trained and efficient scribe can benefit any provider. As one of the founders of AQuity's Virtual Scribe Service, Jaime has strategically partnered to build and transform this program to deliver a high-quality service.

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