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Document Prep Services Cut Comprehensive Review Time

Time is valuable, and with the demands of a rapidly approaching deadline, it can seem even more so. Is your team spending countless hours organizing and reviewing documentation? Imagine the difference that could be made by spending that time properly preparing for cases with clean, organized files at your fingertips. That difference can be reality. AQuity Document Prep Services helps our IME, legal, and clinical documentation clients overcome these time-consuming challenges.

Common Documentation Review Problems

Backlogs and Quantity

Despite our living in a digitized society, paperwork seems never ending. Not only do volumes increase, but redundancy in the paperwork increases with it. The stacks of files can take up too many hours so a lot of reviewers will put these off to work on other back-office duties. This creates a backlog in reviewing, which in turn, increases the time needed to prepare for a case. When staff spends time reviewing, it takes away from other office activities that affect aspects of the case itself.

According to Business Insider, temporary legal attorneys can review about 80 documents an hour. Even worse, this time nearly doubles if they are not familiar with medical record materials. The time it takes to review medical records can fluctuate based on its volume and complexity.

Not an Efficient Use of Time


An average case can take up to 3 to 6 months to resolve, but could that be elongated with the time-consuming task of review? It can take up to 30 days or longer to receive medical records from a provider. With the closing deadline rapidly approaching, there are only so many hours in a day to get through multiple piles of documents.

AQuity sorts through 200 pages per hour on average. We relieve the time reviewed by doubling the average page per hour and adhering to any time parameters given.

Poor Results


Poor document review can lead to poor outcomes, whether it’s due to a lack of time, too many documents, or needing to complete other critical tasks. Reviewers fail to effectively identify any red flags quickly when the records are duplicative and disorganized. This causes problems all the way down the line, for everyone involved in the case. 

Documentation Review Solutions

Review time is labor-intensive and an overall challenge when it comes to sorting details. AQuity’s Document Prep services transform unorganized medical and legal case information into easy navigable documents. Our process focuses specifically on providing the maximization of information, while minimizing time, cost, and inaccuracy. All our solutions provide concise, complete, clear, and contain correct information to provide you with the right tools to meet tight deadlines.



These methods of utilizing extra time allow AQuity to strive to improve the process of document prep. We believe that document prep is an evolutionary process, and because of that, work hard to maintain fast turnaround times and improve. AQuity is constantly increasing their review time, to keep up with the greater need of document prep. With the rise of technology in the document prep space, AQuity streamlines paperwork into digitized format, which decreases time that takes up the documentation review process.  Timing of documentation reviews takes priority in cases where a hard deadline is given; however, we believe it is important to not be too fast.

The Right Tools to Meet Tight Deadlines

Document prep as a process is always changing, and AQuity strives to make that process exactly right. We collaborate with our clients to provide the best workflow methods for their individual firms and needs. The document prep environment remains fast-paced, but AQuity breaks through these barriers thanks to the tools we have on hand.


With the rise of technology in the document prep space, AQuity streamlines paperwork into digitized formats, which decreases documentation review process time. We deliver urgent deadlines while avoiding many of the problems that can arise with quick documentation sorting. We avoid practices such as skimming which can unintentionally look over important details and miss duplication.


We utilize a variety of tools to help our clients meet fast and urgent deadlines. AQuity provides official Table of Contents, a medical summary, and our documentation outlines to help our clients meet their deadline needs. An increasingly quick deadline requires the strongest of tools to help meet the deadline; using a sorting pattern can help speed this process along, as it provides stronger comprehensive review processing for our clients. Navigating time constraints requires the usage of these tools, especially for finishing massive cases of indexing in 72 hours. Our digitization process helps clients streamline files for a faster comprehensive review as well as provide a safer way to review them at a future date.

Comprehensive Document Prep Services

AQuity provides secure, swift, and sorted documentation solutions for medical examinations, insurance companies, state agencies, clinical documentation specialists, large employers, and legal firms. We are an industry leader, recognized by KLAS and Black Book year after year, in the medical transcription services. We deliver consistent quality and turnaround time results.

Relieve your in-house staff of the tedious administrative burdens associated with document prep efforts, reduce case review times, and lower overall costs to grow your business with fully customizable Document Preparation Services

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