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Obstetric Patient with COVID-19 Infection

When an obstetric patient is admitted to a hospital for complications of pregnancy during one trimester and remains in the hospital into a subsequent trimester, then it is appropriate to report the trimester character for when the complication developed. For example, if a patient is admitted into inpatient status for a complication during their second trimester but is in their third trimester at the time of discharge, then the correct character assignment for the antepartum complication code should be for the second trimester.

Q: A patient who is currently 13 weeks pregnant arrives to the ED complaining of cough and shortness of breath. The physician is made aware that the patient has been in contact with someone who previously had COVID-19. The patient is admitted and tested for COVID-19. The results are positive for Coronavirus and pneumonia due to COVID-19. The patient is treated for their diagnoses. At the time of discharge, the patient is now 14 weeks pregnant.
A: O98.511, other viral diseases complicating pregnancy, first trimester O99.511, diseases of the respiratory system complicating pregnancy, first trimester U07.1, COVID-19 J12.82, pneumonia due to COVID-19
Z3A.13, 13 weeks of gestation of pregnancy
Reference: References: ICD-10-CM Guidelines for Coding and Reporting FY 2022 Section I.C.15.a.4
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