The Cure for Physician Office Backlogs

The Right Reimbursements at the Right Time

Staying on top of documentation is difficult when your office is short staffed, you’re dealing with tight deadlines, or there are too many other conflicting priorities for your staff to completely manage. However, those backlogs hurt your revenue, physician wellness, and, more importantly, your patients. Take control with AQuity Solutions Physician Office Practice Management.

Why Backlogs Happen

It seems like there’s no end to the reasons why backlogs end up happening. It could be due to poor project management, employees out of the office, a sudden influx in patients, not enough staff, or simply an inefficient use of time. According to a poll by MGMA, 56% of medical groups reported their time in A/R increased in 2022 while 69% of medical practices reported an increase in denials in 2021 versus 2020. Whatever the reason, backlogs can be an early sign of risk for your business that need to be handled before it’s too late.

When Minutes Matter

Backlogs don’t just affect the physician’s office – they can have detrimental effects on patients as well. After all, it is all about providing the right care at the right time. Delays in documentation can cause delays or missed follow-ups on prescription refill requests, missed appointments, delayed surgery scheduling, or even missing an emergency airlift of a patient to another facility. Medical choppers can only wait a certain amount of time, and if the paperwork is late, the patient misses the opportunity.

How It Works

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  1. AQuity receives what may be unpredictable and varying amounts of documentation (Our team are experienced staff who understand the workflow, are trained on multiple processes, and work around the clock and on holidays.)
  2. We provide instructions and guidance for client’s specific needs/requirements.
  3. Requirements are matched, often improving on in-house targeted timelines.
  4. We provide insight and share nationally tested best practices for optimized workflows.
  5. Administrative backlogs are eliminated.

What AQuity Can Provide

Day-to-Day Operations
Ancillary office services provide stable and profitable care delivery. Our dedicated teams work around the clock, keeping you on schedule and eliminating backlogs. Our services include:

  • Digitizing handwritten notes and entering them into your EMR
  • Prescription refill requests
  • Managing call overflow
  • Transcribing voice messages and routing to the appropriate person
  • Scheduling and appointment changes (during and after business hours)
  • Referral records processing
  • Records Indexing
  • Fax screening, sorting, and routing with captions


Practice Management Framework and Revenue Cycle Management
Our experienced team reviews your management workflow, making recommendations for flexible options that best fit your individual organization. We improve your office efficiency with quality control that creates profitable care delivery. The AQuity Practice Management team supports:

  • Prior authorizations
  • Chart prep and pre-registration activities
  • Complete billing and collections
  • Denial management
  • High quality documentation support
  • Process optimization and control

The AQuity Impact

  1. Clients see an average of 10% increase in justifiable reimbursements
  2. Improved patient care
  3. 25%+ Reduction in denials with ongoing coding reviews
  4. 24-48 Hour turnaround times (TAT)
  5. Higher documentation and RCM workflow quality
  6. Reduced physician burnout
  7. Lowered cost and less in-house staff required for administrative work

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Find the cure for backlogs with AQuity Solutions Physician Office Practice Management.

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