Labor Shortages Plague the Legal Industry — How to Become Immune

It’s no secret—labor shortages are impacting every facet of the workplace. There is more work than there are individuals willing to do the work. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the Great Resignation saw 50 million workers quitting their jobs.


Labor shortages in the legal industry has a profound effect on not only the timeline of injured party cases, but direct outcomes.  For the legal industry, such a labor shortage epidemic can be catastrophic. As we saw throughout 2023, professional and business services were majorly impacted by job vacancies. Out of the gap created, only 44% of job vacancies have the potential of being filled, due to the knowledge required to operate effectively in the legal industry. There are so many jobs, but not enough qualified people to fill them.


 A recent International Bar Association survey reported that 1 in 5 lawyers under 40 years of age were contemplating a change in career path. As these individuals move on, vacancies are created, leaving their tasks to be picked up or addressed by other office colleagues. Legal secretaries, paralegals, attorneys, etc. are tasked with taking up leftover burden while legal offices are becoming severely short-staffed. Because of the amount of work, extra tasks, and multiple cases, legal administrative professionals struggle to keep up with the work that they already have, let alone take on the new work being delegated to them.


Every new year brings the promise of a fresh chapter, and the plan for legal office success in 2024, like any other year, is to increase case volumes by managing an increase in clientele. Such goals are unobtainable without consistent support.


To set your business up for success in 2024, you can partner with AQuity Solutions, an IKS Health company, to not only close the staffing gap, but also improve consistency and security. AQuity alleviates mundane, administrative tasks with virtual back-office solutions that help to boost user efficiencies through robust document prep workflow that is tailor-made to medico-legal and legal practices. Our scalable resources take on the chores of document sorting, billing reconciliation, and medical summarization. Removing these burdens allows your inhouse legal team to return to their core in practicing law, meeting with new clients, taking on more cases, and get their offices back on track for a record setting year.


Many AQuity clients come to us inundated with unorganized, sometimes illegible and/or duplicative records. By relieving these burdens their attorneys’ bandwidth is increased, enabling them to take on more cases—generating more revenue and helping more injured parties. 


We understand with the new year comes new changes and new potential additional shuffling of labor forces. By joining forces with AQuity, your practice becomes immune to the ever-changing labor uncertainties. Join us and be prepared for anything.


Find out more about our services here and make 2024 your best year yet!

Stacy Collins Sr. Director, Medico-Legal and Worldwide Operations

Stacy Collins has more than 25 years' experience in the healthcare documentation industry. Beginning her career as a medical transcriptionist, through learning and growing to fit within an ever-changing trade, Stacy has gone on to serve in many operational roles during her career. Currently as Senior Director of Medico-Legal and Worldwide Operations, her focus is on transcription and document preparation services in Medico-Legal and Legal markets globally. Stacy's favorite part of her career is the opportunity to dive in to each shift in the industry and how it impacts her customers and her teams, and through this strive to grow as a subject matter expert and exercise her passion for learning.

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