It Takes a Village: We All Have an Impact on Patient Care

It takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to medically care for one. Eight years ago, when my granddaughter was diagnosed with infant leukemia at only six-weeks old, I’d already experienced both sides of that village: as a young adult helping my mother navigate medical appointments as she battled brain cancer and when I began my career as a medical transcriptionist.


I was right beside my daughter as she became her own daughter’s biggest medical advocate. The medical team welcomed it, truly listened to her and took everything into consideration. I took time away from work to be there with them and knew the people on the other end of my granddaughter’s care team were doing everything they could to fight for her.


I regularly remind my own team that every report they type is for someone’s loved one and to put as much effort and care into it as if it was their own family member. It’s the very reason I chose to go into healthcare – wanting to help people and the fulfillment that came from knowing what I was doing had an impact.


The number of people involved in the treatment of my granddaughter, who passed away at 4 months old, was astounding. Every single person played a part in the efforts to care for a medically fragile child and being with my daughter as a part of that medical team – that village – still drives my passion today.

My experiences have changed me in a way that’s hard to explain. It’s an incredibly vulnerable feeling to have a loved one in the hospital, and as transcriptionists and clinical documentation specialists, we play a crucial role in that care. Everything we do has an impact, and at AQuity, we are honored to be part of that village.

Regina Buchwald, VP, Transcription and Medico-Legal Operations

Regina has served as the AQuity Vice President of transcription services since November 2013. Her primary responsibility is to ensure transcription service Key Performance Indicators are maintained at the highest level throughout the organization. Regina began her career as a front-line medical transcriptionist, then joined the company in 2002, where she has held a number of key leadership roles in services and operations. She has more than 25 years’ experience in the healthcare industry.

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