Improving Patient Care at All Hours with Medical Transcription Services

Time is not something providers have a lot of, especially when dealing with emergent situations. When a patient needs immediate care in the middle of the night, documentation needs to be available right away.


No matter what time of day it is, the patient is the provider’s top priority, and accurate documentation helps them make the best decisions for individual patients. However, especially in emergencies, that documentation is not always the most complete or quickly accessible.


According to Harvard Business Review, “In dealing with many cases, doctors lack comparative real-time evidence and are forced to make decisions in spite of unknown variables that can dramatically alter outcomes. Such evidence gaps happen every day, particularly for patients with multiple conditions, complex medical histories, and diverse ethnic backgrounds.”


Gaps in patient care cause issues, including:

  • Missed screenings
  • Improper medication adherence
  • Conditions developing into more serious health concerns

Everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their individual optimal health outcomes. However, Health IT reports 32% of individuals who went to a doctor in the past 12 months reported experiencing a gap in information exchange, with 1 in 20 having to redo a test or procedure because prior data was unavailable.


Emergencies Don’t Wait for Business Hours


Medical staff working overnight in hospitals and emergency rooms are typically not as familiar with accessing patient information in the EHR as those working during business hours. In dealing with emergencies, these staff members need urgent access to records but often have no information to go by other than a patient’s name.


However, they know AQuity Medical Transcription Services is simply a phone call away. Our experienced Transcription team has years of tenure in the field and in dealing with situations like this. Sometimes with very little information to go on, they help the medical staff pinpoint exactly what is needed quickly so the providers can continue delivering the best patient care possible.


“They see our number on speed dial and all they have to do is hit that button, tell us what they need, and we get it to them,” said John Pawinski, Operations Support and Logistics Director at AQuity. “They know they can rely on us.”


Removing the Guesswork in Patient Care


It’s difficult to make medical decisions without all the necessary information. Patients don’t always remember what procedures they’ve done or when information from other healthcare providers could alter the recommended course of action, and sending completed reports for a referral may need to happen quickly for continued care.


With a 99.5+% quality score and 98.5% of reports returned within contracted turnaround times, AQuity puts patient information at your fingertips when you need it. Quality care comes from quality documentation, and that’s something our clients know they can count on with us.


Caring for patients happens around the clock. Find out how AQuity Medical Transcription Solutions can provide your organization with the guidance, support, and expertise you need no matter what time of day.

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