HIM Operational Assessments Keep Your Department Running Smoothly

Does your organization run like a well-oiled machine? Chances are, you recognize a few areas of concern that need help, and if you started to look, you know there are probably more. Health Information Management (HIM) operational assessments pinpoint inefficiencies from minor pain points to glaring problems. Whether it’s a small, critical access hospital or a big university hospital, every healthcare organization should undergo an HIM Operational Assessment every couple of years.


Operational assessments from AQuity Solutions HIM Interim Management Services give an overall state of the business by having our experts come in, look at how the departments are running, and determine whether you are working in compliance with the latest Joint Commission expectations and optimizes your revenue cycle management workflow. By looking for inefficiencies and other areas needing improvement, we help find glitches in the process with our deep understanding of HIM management best practices. Every detail is noted and analyzed from how the HIM Department interacts with the business office and ancillary departments or how to eliminate wasted time and process inefficiencies.


A Routine Check-up for Your Organization


It’s often hard to see what is right in front of you, and small issues can eventually turn into big problems. Having an operational assessment done by someone outside of your organization gives a fresh, clear view into all aspects of your business to catch any issues early so you can continue running smoothly.


At AQuity, we often find problems that organizations didn’t realize were there and help them save money and work more efficiently. We look at processes, quality and productivity, policies and procedures, and DNFB management, among other areas. Even if you don’t think there are any problems to uncover, an operational assessment validates your status and makes sure you’re right on track.


It’s Time for an Operational Assessment


How do you know if it’s time for your organization to have an operational assessment? There’s never a wrong time to have one, but we know it’s not always front of mind. If you are experiencing any of the below, it may be time to schedule an operational assessment with AQuity:

An Organizational Deep Dive with AQuity

AQuity will dive into all aspects of your organization, including items such as:

  • DNFB Management
    Identifying a workable turnaround time and workflow

  • HIM Department Overview
    Ensuring adequate workflow
  • Staffing Levels
    Making sure there are enough people to do the work correctly
  • Salary Ranges
    Avoiding attrition through comparable salaries with competitors
  • Capital Expenses
    Creating written support for additional funds that could be needed in the future
  • Policies and Procedures
    Making sure all are up to date, including disaster policies
  • Outsourcing Potential
    Examining whether remote coding can save expenses as well as free up physical building space

A Roadmap to Success


Once all areas of the department are reviewed and analyzed, AQuity presents a Performance Enhancement Plan. This formal report provides an overall roadmap for improvement, giving the CFO insight into the strengths of their department to help set up a new director with a strategy to move forward.

Although the plan details what needs to be done, we know how difficult it can be to enact change management initiatives while still running a hospital. It’s not uncommon for organizations to see the same action items listed time and again on successive plans. That’s why AQuity not only hands over a complete plan for improvement but is also available to put it into action.

AQuity’s senior HIM professionals walk your organization through recommended changes and cost effectively assist in improving your HIM department quickly, with clearly articulated KPI to satisfy your board and leadership to demonstrate the value delivered.

Contact AQuity HIM Interim Management Services to schedule an operational assessment or how an HIM Interim Manager can set you on the path to success.

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