A Symphony of Facts Bolstering Brain Retention

When it comes to reading and comprehending case material, it can send our brain into overload!


Where to start? Do we have all the required documentation? What order did these events take place in?  Where are the legal documents in comparison to the medical records? Are the records for the correct person? Did they have a prior injury in those stacks of disorganized records?


Many documentation reviewers find these thoughts making their way into their consciousness while reviewing. With so much to sort, and often, so little time to do it all, it becomes easy to overwork the individual and creates room for more errors. AQuity Solutions provides the key to understanding brain retention and the importance of clear, concise, and complete documentation to increase brain retention.


Structured Like a Symphony

Understanding and comprehending the most critical details in a case timeline can be impossible when documents lack structure and organization. The effort of even remembering what the file had in it can be impossible when one is constantly jumping around in an unorganized stack of dead trees.


When digesting critical information from case materials, the brain acts as a symphony orchestra, accessing various parts of the brain to work together, much like sections of the orchestra which work together, to decode the written text.


Our brain builds connections to the documents of a case, fostering strong retention of the information it is decoding through text. Through this, and with the bonus of symphonic brainwaves, we understand the importance of treating documentation review as if it is the music piece.


Without organization of case materials – the symphony is out of sync; all instruments are out of tune and the conductor is left looking inept. AQuity Solutions is the industry leader in documentation organization, allowing our customers to take the baton and be the conductor by reading and aiding to the retention of a rich medley of case material rather than a disjoined file. This allows the brain to latch on to the details that matter.

Bulking Up the Brain

A 2013 study published in Science revealed that reading organized text enhances a person’s Theory of Mind, or ability to understand another person’s mental state. While reviewing materials, for the purpose of brain retention, AQuity seeks to utilize our tried-and-true reviewing process to enhance the Theory of the Mind.


By reading case material in an event sequence order, this increases fluid intelligence, or the ability for one to problem-solve, reason, and detect meaningful patterns. This is important as fluid intelligence allows a person to understand situations and issues. When readers engage with a storyline, by tracking narratives and themes, they can see the bigger details for a cumulative review of the entire case.


Storytelling through documentation is also important when it comes to health literacy. Health literacy, as defined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), is “the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information.” In cases of cases involving healthcare, utilizing case material in event sequencing order can help both reviewers and legal professionals in retaining information; those without a background in health literacy can struggle to retain those crucial details. Although health literacy may not be the first thing people are cognizant of when reviewing document materials, when it applies to healthcare or adjacent healthcare cases, it is beneficial to understand. Healthcare terminology, abbreviations, etc. are fundamental to cases related to healthcare.


If a reviewer is struggling with terminology, AQuity is there to bridge the gap, serving as translators for the healthcare world. Additionally taking on the act of translation for healthcare-related activities in how they pertain to legal cases allows the reviewer to enhance their ability to understand the mental state of another’s and more clearly provide context to the case at hand.

Reviewing Case Materials

Case material can be an enormous burden, but there are solutions that can relieve the burden on both your brain and your time. There are ways around this, however. AQuity helps review case material smarter!


Have your documents organized in a streamlined fashion which will allow your brain to process and hold on to the key information by seeing the full landscape of the file. Spend your time reviewing the details which are vital to the storyline of your clients – rather than shuffling through a stack of unorganized chaos. Be the conductor of your own symphony – allow AQuity Solutions to be your ensemble!


AQuity relieves providers of these burdens that distract focus from their other areas of your practice. AQuity is a recognized industry leader for delivering consistent quality and turnaround time for any Legal and Medico-Legal enterprise who manage complex personal injury, and/or workers comp cases. We assist in creating workflows tailored to fit clinical and managerial needs, assembling an efficient and cost-effective document prep services, including legal cases. AQuity respects a process for your case files, while providing an overall smoother process for documentation management, and serving our clients basic case needs.


Contact AQuity Solutions today for details about Documentation Prep and find out more about our incredible service.

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