6 Building Blocks for Successful Customer Care

Negative customer service experiences can damage the trust and injure the overall relationship customers have with the companies they do business with. According to a Forbes, 96% of customers affirm they do consider taking their business elsewhere after a poor customer service experience.  But, when properly orchestrated, such negative experiences can be prevented.

Positive customer service is responsive. Positive customer service is personal, detail-oriented, and efficient in its systematic moves clients towards a positive and efficient resolution of their concerns. Communication is key, listening is the backbone of success, and teamwork keeps the engine running. AQuity is dedicated to ensuring positive customer care experiences with all our clients, so they can maintain the highest level of confidence in doing business with us.

Key Performance Indicators Performance Target Actual
Call Time to Answer 15 Seconds 0:00:13
Call Time to Handle 10 Minutes or Less 0:07:26
Call Abandonment% 3 Percent 1.31%
Incident SLA/Resolution Level 95 Percent or More 98%
Quality Score (1-10 scale) 9.5 9.8
* Based on an average of 10,000+ Client Service calls/month

To maintain this level of performance, AQuity is committed to six foundational building blocks for customer care:

1. One-to-One Representative Empowerment

Without the right team members in place, it can be difficult to resolve even basic issues through a singular customer service engagement. Everyone on the AQuity customer services team is trained and empowered to serve as such a single point of contact for incident triage and issue resolution.  We take pride in resolving issues on the first call, minimizing the time and energy spent by our clients to overcome obstacles. We believe in increasing satisfaction and efficiency through proactive processes, including empowered one-to-one customer service interactions.

2. Detail-oriented Care

When results are not what were expected, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what went wrong, or how to fix it. However, AQuity team members are trained to respond quickly and efficiently to account lockouts, password resets, job corrections, PC issues, and triage incidents. Usually, these are resolved on the initial call.

3. Dedication to Completion

Unresolved customer service experiences can leave you hanging on the line—literally—as less than properly trained customer service professionals scramble to learn on the fly how to fix things they are not familiar with. The AQuity team are properly trained for the offerings they support and know how to set expectations for follow up if resolution can’t be fixed on the spot.

4. Quality of Work

Quality often means different things to different people. At AQuity, quality means verifying and clarifying the issues, making sure you and your customer care representative define resolution the same way.  AQuity also provides ongoing coaching to our agents and captures real-time feedback from clients so our agents and processes can continuously improve. Dedication to such a program is why AQuity’s quality score has held steady at a 9.8 on a 10-point scale.

5. Time Specificity

Every customer service caller hopes for an immediate response to their problem. AQuity prides itself on maintaining a 15-seconds or less call answer time. Our KPI Scorecards confirm a 13-second average for call answering and only a 7-minute total call time to resolve 98% of client issues.

6. Personal Connection

Effective customer service only happens when clients are treated as individuals and not representatives of random customer numbers.  Whether our clients are affiliated with large or small organizations, the AQuity team is focused on helping whoever is on the line reach their desired conclusion and finish the call feeling as though they could not have been treated better.

“All agents have been intelligent, efficient, and considerate.” ~ AQuity Customer Service Survey Response


Our self-managed NPS surveys and externally validated KLAS and Black Book Research data confirm market leading client satisfaction results.  Through listening, understanding, connecting, and effective issue resolution, AQuity sets the standard for outsourced Health Information Management customer service.

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