Kylie Snyder

Kylie Snyder

Military Spouse Virtual Scribes | Colleague since September 2018


It was great. I had no prior scribe experience, so everything I learned in training was vital to my career as a medical scribe.

There are several. First, working for AQuity has given me an opportunity to rebuild my career and independence as a military spouse. I also love the flexibility and the friendships I have made with my fellow teammates.

The vast amount of medical experience I have gained from working with my provider.

I have built a long-term relationship with my providers.

Working remotely takes a lot of dedication to learn, but it’s rewarding in the long run.

I am a midwestern girl through and through. I was born and raised in Nebraska for 10 years, then lived in Missouri for another 10 years. I spent a week in Nebraska with my family after losing my grandpa last summer and was quickly reminded why the “middle of nowhere” is so great. It’s just peacefully quiet, and you can see stars for miles. I think people get so caught up in having “things” to do that they forget how to just relax and enjoy life by doing nothing.

Spreading positive energy in the workplace. While I am not a happy-go-lucky person, I think positivity and optimism bring more success than persistent negativity.

To learn how to windsurf. I love being on the water and staying active, so why not combine two things I love.

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