Client Profile:

The client provides outsourced administrative support for multiple Independent Medical Examiner businesses, ranging from 1,000 employees to 2,500 employees.


Choosing to make the transition to a work from home business model, the clients wanted to maintain and potentially improve their team’s productivity while providing an improved work-life balance. During the transition, exam volumes remained steady, so the transition needed to be completed without a gap in performance. Any drops in productivity would be costly to the firms affected by the transition.


AQuity leveraged state of the art security safeguards to protect claims and confidential information, regardless of user location, ensuring client confidence for PHI protection and easing the transition for work from home employees. Throughout the project, the AQuity team supported production demands to ensure workflow volumes and quality were not impacted by the transition.


AQuity Solutions helped the client achieve the following goals:

  • Overall production volumes and quality remained consistent for all supported IME client offices throughout the transition for document prep team members from in office-based to work from home roles.
  • The transition project was completed without any scheduled or unexpected production downtimes.
  • IME office clients continued to operate their businesses without any noticeable changes to office workflow, production volumes, or quality.
  • Each IME office reduced operating costs associated with onsite staff by thousands of dollars, positively impacting overall business earnings.
  • Team members reported improved work life balance through elimination of commuting time and associated expenses.

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