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One of the largest leading Independent Medical Examination (IME) and Peer Review companies with a global identity, made up of various independently managed locations.


After partnering with select pilot offices, AQuity’s Document Preparation team quickly experienced urgent demand for services. Reviewing doctors within this network demanded access to sorted files with electronically hyperlinked Table of Contents –AQuity’s hallmark Document Preparation product which was created to streamline document review and preparation for IMEs. Consequently, the standard on-boarding timeline for new client implementations needed to be accelerated dramatically.


AQuity partnered with each independent office, working to learn the specific office procedures and operating policies relevant to their state and jurisdictional needs for file sorting and indexing. New client implementation projects were developed, to include additional services – such as Billing Summaries and Medical Summaries. These efforts allowed multiple sites to launch live volumes ahead of schedule.


AQuity’s batch office launch approach met the client’s accelerated program roll-out objectives with successful launch of the new electronic, hyperlinked Document Preparation services and enabled their eager doctors to immediately take advantage of the new offering.

  • Initial rollouts in numerous U.S. states garnered significant positive feedback from pilot users, resulting in high demand for immediate access by all offices.
  • Since the service advantages were immediately obvious to the entire global network, branches in Australia responded to pressure from physicians who threatened to stop conducting IMEs without the new service.
  • The new service was embraced across the network for its improved efficiency for doctors and staff, cost savings and consolidation of services.

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