Client Profile:

215 Bed Community Based Short Term Acute Care Hospital


Community based facility facing budgetary constraints under pressure to decrease expenses.  The HIM department was directed to reduce their budget and was struggling to find ways to accomplish this while still maintaining quality and other KPI performance expectations.


AQuity detailed the potential cost savings, quality and other KPI expectations that could be achieved with outsourcing all the HIM coding responsibilities.  AQuity Coding leaders worked closely with the Director of HIM to complete a deep dive discovery to uncover all volumes and patient types that could be transitioned to outsource. Discussions involved the AQuity HR and the client HR representatives gathering employment details of the existing staff.  This data was utilized to precisely define the expected return on investment (ROI) that outsourcing with AQuity would provide.  The transition included employment offers to existing inhouse staff as well as incorporating AQuity global support to achieve cost savings. Steps involved included:

  • Detailed ROI calculations based on domestic/global staff balance
  • Deep discovery on coding workflow, process, volumes, and HR discovery
  • Contract signature
  • Offer of employment to current client coding staff team
  • Ongoing staffing coordination plan with domestic and global support
  • Training for all involved
  • Implementation of full coding function outsourcing


The AQuity Coding Services team helped the client accomplish:

  • Onboarding of client staff that accepted the AQuity employment offers
  • Reduction of total costs as the global coders were onboarded
  • Decrease in coding turn-around time due to global support
  • Decrease in DNFB due to higher productivity goals set for the coders
  • Additional cost savings opportunity through referral of their Physician Support Services coding efforts

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