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Leading international Independent Medical Examination IME and Review service provider supporting over 50 independently managed company-owned and affiliated service locations globally.


With a file tallying 28,000 pages to be sorted, an overburdened customer reached out for help organizing and indexing their largest ever IME document preparation project. Given all the other administrative tasks, in-house support staff were overwhelmed with the file size and could not dedicate the in-depth focus required to complete the project without neglecting their other office tasks that were being put on the back burner.


The AQuity team swiftly took direct ownership and worked around the clock to streamline the large file within the timeline defined by the client. Overall file size was reduced by eliminating duplicate content that had been submitted by multiple contributors. By restructuring the documents to only the most pertinent of files, we were able to meet client expectations for clarity, ease of navigation.


Through engagement of AQuity’s integrated global Medico-Legal support staff, the team accomplished:

  • Around-the-clock IME Document Preparation support services that relieved the client of intensifying stress driven by the file size and tight deadline. The 28,000-page file was reduced to 14,000 pages and processed in nine calendar days.
  • By relinquishing the duty of sorting this massive file to AQuity Solutions, the client could focus on other tasks within the office to help generate revenue.
  • Due to our response time, physicians were able to shift their focus away from documentation and back to their patient.

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