Client Profile:

Behavioral Health Multi-Facility System offering multiple levels of care for various behavioral health and substance use disorders. Over 585 locations throughout the United States with over 18.000 beds


The IT department of the Behavioral Health System client made the decision they would no longer support a global vendor accessing their system. Without notice to the Coding Services Support team at the facility, they deactivated access, creating an immediate need of domestic coding support.


AQuity Coding leadership worked with the client to determine immediate needs for domestic FTE’s to support the entire health system. A staff of 10 coders were assigned and ramped up within a week of receiving the signed contract. Since the goal of the Health System was to return to global support, AQuity provided the Health System IT leadership with AQuity’s Security and Compliance Plan and supporting documentation, demonstrating our high level of security compliance provided at our offshore on-site locations. The Health System IT Leaders approved our global coding team and security infrastructure and granted permission to transition coding operations. We identified coders with inpatient behavioral health skillset required and successfully transitioned to total global support within 60 days.


The AQuity Coding Services team helped the client:

  • Onboard a 10-member domestic team within five days to support inpatient coding
  • Quickly reduce their backlog and begin working on current discharges to have work queues cleared at the end of each day
  • Establish credibility to gain approval from the Health System IT leadership to utilize AQuity global coding support
  • Ramp up to full global coding support within two months, growing to a team of 12 global coders supporting inpatient behavioral health coding for the entire health system
  • Add multiple facilities throughout 2020, scaling global coding resources to support 21 facilities
  • Continue to complete all available work for each facility each day

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