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Generating clinical documentation while covered in personal protective equipment PPE presents a unique set of challenges. In addition to protecting physicians and other staff from potential exposure to COVID-19 from patients, care must be taken to prevent any potential secondary surface contamination transference between patients resulting from keyboard/mouse use during consecutive patient visits.


Although staff are now wearing PPE and changing various exam room items between each patient, such as gloves and exam table cover sheets, etc., all surfaces touched in the exam rooms during visits equally need to be
thoroughly disinfected between each encounter. This presents time consuming challenges for today’s predominant keyboard/mouse facilitated documentation practices.


Staff safety, patient safety, and practice efficiency can be optimized in these unprecedented times by eliminating the need for physicians to touch the keyboard or mouse during encounters. Hands free voice capture through mobile phone apps or remote scribe connection devices are proven approaches that can be quickly deployed at significant scale. Both are proven effective in eliminating keyboard/mouse use while dressed in PPE.

Transitioning to hands free documentation practices reduces secondary surfaces touched during exams and helps physicians stay focused on their patients instead of their computer screens. Especially in remote
scribe supported workflows, physicians can ask their scribe for patient specific details included in the EHR without needing to access the screens directly.


Aquity Solutions recommends hands free clinical documentation to ensure staff and patients are effectively protected from secondary surface contamination transference.

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