Client Profile:

Major metropolitan teaching hospital with thousands of affiliated physicians and hundreds of clinics.


In response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic, practices are transitioning from in-person clinic office visits to telemedicine and temporary structure environments; creating patient workflow and clinical documentation challenges.


Practice Management and Operations teams from the client and Aquity reviewed existing and proposed workflow schemes, logistics and objectives. Of specific concern were efficient coordination of patient/physician online connectivity and appointment scheduling, along with the code and compensation differences between Telemedicine (video connection) and Telehealth (phone connection) encounters.


Once physician connectivity logistics were established for their new work environments, the first 150 physicians were fully transitioned for Telemedicine encounters and/or temporary structure environments in two days. This included validating audio capture quality through personal protective equipment PPE in temporary structures.

To support the new workflow, Aquity remote scribes took on enhanced responsibilities to fully prepare patients for the Telemedicine visits. Added duties included connecting with patients prior to the scheduled visits to confirm connectivity and familiarity with the telemedicine technology, as well as previsit condition detail capture to help prepare physician for the encounters.

In preparation for the transition, all remote scribes received enhanced training to comply with evolving approved Telemedicine code capture opportunities as well as comprehensive high-volume temporary structure encounter documentation.

Changes to workflow and visit environments had no measurable impact on the traditional clinical documentation support functions of the Aquity remote scribes. Audio connections were established with existing in-office Jabra devices connected to home-based laptops or use of mobile phone applications, ensuring HIPAA compliant secure connections. The mobile phone app proved especially successful through PPE in temporary structure visit environments.

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