Client Profile:

Short-term acute care facility with 305 beds


Resolve growing Discharge, Not Final Billed (DNFB) levels negatively impacting cash flow by accelerating coding department throughput without sacrificing quality. Client was committed to onshore support.


AQuity Coding Leadership worked closely with the client to quantify a gap analysis between existing operations and operational goals. A team of coders were assigned to ensure DNFB goals were consistently met for acute inpatient and rehabilitation discharges, same day surgery (SDS), and interventional radiology (IVR) encounters. Due to subsequent increased volumes and difficulty sourcing additional onshore inpatient coding support, a blended offshore approach to complement the onshore team was recommended to the client. A proof-of-concept trial period with measurable objectives was approved with successful results. Client’s total coding volume throughput and quality are now managed by AQuity through a balance of inpatient onshore and offshore coding resources with full onshore quality control. DNFB levels are maintained at half the previous level with reduced average coder costs. Due to the hybrid labor source program’s success, AQuity now also provides offshore support for outpatient cases.


The AQuity Coding Services team achieved:

  • Assurance that current onshore team would remain in place and oversee all quality control functions
  • Significantly increased productivity while maintaining quality from proof-of-concept offshore inpatient coding trail, resulting in access to expanded coder pool becoming a permanent member of the coding team
  • Scaling of proven offshore coding team to support SDS and IVR
  • Meeting or exceeding DNFB goals daily with hybrid onshore/offshore coding approach
  • Maintaining quality of 95% or above with hybrid coding team
  • Meeting all Service Level Agreements, including a 48-hour turnaround time (TAT)

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