Client Profile:

A mid-sized regional healthcare provider with over 1,000 employees.


The hospital was receiving a high volume of files from various third-party insurance carriers that were being printed out, sorted according to file type and required file destinations, then scanned back into their computer with site document assignment details, and filed into the appropriate electronic folders. An underutilized onsite room had been dedicated to paper file storage, but volumes soon surpassed its capacity and documents were shipped to an offsite storage facility. Regional regulations mandated they retain the files for 10 years, thus files needed to be preserved and quickly accessible for potential future use.


AQuity converted all files to digital copies and eliminated onsite storage costs by transitioning the former printed file room into an examination room. AQuity further assisted the client with reviewing case materials digitally via our Client Facing Portal to reduce costs and improve inbound document workflow processing.


The AQuity Document Prep Services team helped the client:

  • Eliminated monthly expenses for printer rentals, paper, ink, printer maintenance, and storage space
  • Eliminated outside storage costs of $12,000 per month
  • Reassigned two FTE’s previously dedicated to document printing and processing to other roles within the facility
  • Improved inbound document processing workflow and subsequent document access through cloud-based secure platform
  • Generated additional revenue by converting the former file storage room into an additional exam room
  • Measurably increased overall hospital operating margins through engagement of AQuity document prep services

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