Medico-Legal Documentation Services

AQuity offers comprehensive medical examiner and/or Electronic Health Record EHR document services for insurance companies, state agencies, large employers, and legal firms for comprehensive claim determinations.


Detailed file preparation, indexing and full cycle document management for insurance claims, disability determination, and liability cases.

  • Auto Accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • Workers Compensation
  • Disability Determination
  • Liability Determination
AQuity Medico-Legal Documentation Services

AQuity Medico-Legal document specialists deliver fast, detailed, and cost-effective document preparation services.

We recognize the importance of complete, accurate and easily manageable Medico-Legal documentation services for those responsible for claim determinations. AQuity documentation services provide 24-hour standard turnaround times for cases up to 2,000 pages, including indexing, an executive synopsis of the records included, and the objective findings of the examination if one was performed. We also help providers find the case details to answer specific questions posed by clients, with indexed supporting details from the files.

AQuity Medico-Legal Documents include:

  • Scanning of files into electronic format if received as paper files
  • Cleaned of pages the client does not require, including duplicate records
  • Sorted into pre-defined order, then organized by date/facility/provider
  • Custom-tailored formatting according to client needs, including hyperlink and/or bookmarked table of contents, branding and more

We recognize many of our clients have limited prep time before needing to make their determinations, so we do everything we can to ensure all information is properly organized, easy to follow, and clearly indexed to the supporting documentation. Our records expertise delivers.

  • Cost saving for clients billed by file size
  • Easy to navigate electronic files, streamlining and saving valuable review time
  • Elimination of printing, storage, and destruction costs – no more unsecure physical transporting of files
  • Standard turn-around time of 24 hours for files up to 2,000 pages
  • Typical rush services of 4 hours for files that are 500 pages or less

Medico-Legal Documentation Services Workflow

Medico-Legal Document Services Workflow

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