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Spinal Fusion Code Cautions

Coding opportunities sometimes are buried within the body of operative reports which makes it even more challenging.

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New Telehealth Therapy Reimbursements

Telehealth services allow a physician or other approved licensed care provider with the ability to provide services and effectively communication

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Coding CHF with Pleural Effusion

If the physician completes therapeutic intervention or diagnostic testing for pleural effusion, then it is acceptable to report it as a secondary diagnosis

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Coding Tips: Sequencing Multiple Injuries

All of the injuries should be reported separately unless there is a combination diagnosis code provided for those conditions.

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What’s the latest code for Vaping-related disorders?

Starting April 1, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) implemented a brand new ICD-10-CM diagnosis code: U07.0, vaping-related disorder.

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Coding Changing Severity of Pressure Ulcers

If a patient is admitted to a hospital with a pressure ulcer that progresses during the patient’s stay to another severity, then it’s appropriate to report

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What modifiers eliminate COVID-19 deductibles?

On April 7, 2020, CMS proposed a new Families First Coronavirus Response Act. This act waives co-insurance and deductibles for additional COVID-19.

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When is COVID-19 NOT the primary diagnosis?

When COVID-19 meets the definition for principal diagnosis, it should be sequenced first followed by all other appropriate secondary diagnoses.

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