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Coding Services

Your Partner for Improved Financial Outcomes

Aquity Solutions coding services operates as a true partner to help clients achieve improved financial outcomes. With our 7,000 strong US-based and global production team, we support the full range of client types and case mixes, from large multi-campus IDNs and university health systems to small community hospitals and physician practices. There’s a reason we’re known for delivering improved financial outcomes, and that’s our unparalleled quality and attention to detail.

Our highly cost competitive coding services are backed by industry leading 3M/MModal technology-enabled quality checks and an endless loop of feedback to our AHIMA and AAPC certified coders. Aquity clients can constantly monitor coding workflow status and the resulting key performance indicators that support the health of their healthcare business through our unique reporting and analytics views. That’s how we ensure top value for all our revenue cycle supporting services.

Quality support and customer service are the difference between Aquity and other coding services. We truly operate as a seamless and effective partner for your department through a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager and automated reporting for unparalleled process visibility.

Working closely with your team, we ensure you stay ahead of changing government and/or payer requirements and deliver workflow control, cost, quality and turnaround time results that ensure maximum allowable reimbursements and minimum payer rejects.


Aquity’s game changing mix of technology and services ensures complete and accurate coding results. We improve the productivity and quality of your documentation process with the help of our highly trained and credentialed team to meet the varying workflow needs of your organization, all backed by the 3M/MModal Fluency line of technology, recognized as the best in the industry.


Aquity’s coding services are designed to function as a true partner with each client. Relationship expectations are precisely detailed in customized Service Level Agreements SLAs intended to ensure clear understandings of how we will work together and how we share the risk for the results.

Regardless of the size of the engagement, a full leadership team is assigned, including a responsible coding manager, senior manager, audit manager, and client development manager, all dedicated to keep the lines of communications open and maximize the value of our services beyond simple production outsourcing.

Coding Services

• Staff augmentation
• Partial outsource
• Full outsource
• Professional (ProFee) Coding
• Claim edits coding/auditing
• Domestic and global network

Audit Services

• Full audit team to address needs
• Ensure accurate coding and billing
• One-time audit or ongoing cadence
• Audit the auditor
• Customized reporting
• Customized education

HIM Services

• Interim management
• Revenue leadership, HIM Directors, and Coding Manager
• On-site needs for staff
• Special projects

Number of charts coded by patient type in 2017


Aquity coding services are supported by the Fluency for Coding™ enterprise platform which consolidates all coding operations under a single cohesive system, supports internal and external staffing, and quality and compliance initiatives. This award-winning platform automates workflows for any coding type and integrates with your existing systems and processes. Additional tools, such as the Fluency Audit Tool™ and Fluency E&M Calibrate™, are also used to further improve coder quality and accuracy.

Fluency for Coding™

The fluency for Coding enterprise platform drives efficient workflow as the foundation for coding productivity and quality. Features such as computer-assisted coding (CAC) with Fluency Reveal (NLU/CAC), Fluency Coding Bridge, and integration with CDI Collaborate, leverages natural language understanding NLU technology to extend workflow capabilities, enhance efficiency, and ensure precision.

Fluency Revealo (NLU/CAC)™

Presenting coders with information generated by an NLU process provides significant benefits. Our NLU Coding is a measured, thoughtful approach to computer assisted coding CAC. We employ NLU Coding selectively where it provides meaningful benefits to the coder and enhances productivity and quality, although our NLU engine powers all Aquity’s technology solutions, including transcription, CDI and CAC.

Fluency Coding Bridge™

Leveraging the functionality of Fluency for Coding with the flexibility of your EHR, our Fluency coding Bridge embeds Fluency for Coding into your EHR, giving you a CAC solution that supports your workflow.

CDI Collaborate™

Using advanced artificial intelligence AI technology, this robust CDI workflow management solution automates the query process, standardizes CDI practices, and leverages in-depth clinical insights to improve patient care and document quality. Relying on our Fluency Reveal NLU engine to do the heavy lifting, CDI Collaborate analyzes both narrative and EHR documentation so you can extend CDI coverage to 100% of your charts, covering all payers and care setting. CDI collaborate continuously evaluates all encounter documentation to identify quality gap issues and other ICD-10 accuracy opportunities.

Fluency Audit Tool™

Aquity’s Fluency Audit Tool gives auditors the ability to populate an audit queue with a random sample of charts, review charts, and communicate feedback to coders and managers. Comprehensive reporting capabilities are available at coder, auditor and supervisor levels in this streamlined, HIPAA compliant auditing tool.

Fluency E&M Calibrate™

The Aquity E&M Calculator streamlines the coding process by providing coders and providers with a picklist for discovering the correct CPT code, increasing productivity and reducing the risk of improperly coded charts.


Dedicated Team

Customers frequently reference the value of our employees as the difference in an effective transition and ongoing services. We bring in people with proven experience serving hospitals, clinics, radiology departments, and other care settings of all sizes. The Customer Relationship Manager dedicated to your organization will be carefully selected from our ranks based on parallel experience. Supported by our dedicated IT staff and responsive leadership organization, Aquity will be there to hold your hand every step of the way.


As one of the largest and most experienced health information management outsourced services providers, we have been delivering coding services for decades. Our 7,000 strong US-based and global production team supports the full range of client types and case mixes, from large multi-campus IDNs and university health systems to small community hospitals and physician practices. There’s a reason we’re known for delivering improved financial outcomes, and that’s our unparalleled quality and attention to detail.

Data-Driven Improvements

Aquity’s easy to understand reporting and analytics lets you access workflow process metrics and performance data to track the operational productivity of our team as well as the financial impact that their performance has on your business. To achieve optimum results, we utilize automated data capture and workforce management tools to intelligently drive coding quality and workforce productivity – leveraging machine learning and natural language understanding to continuously improve quality and productivity.

Proven Methodology

Our systematic approach promotes consistent, high-quality coding department results using technology-enabled quality checks and feedback combined with proven continuous quality improvement methods (ISO, Lean, Six Sigma). Trained auditors and weekly service performance evaluations and discussions ensure optimum results.

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