Our stringent security procedures and audits, including third-party compliance audits have helped us to deliver on our promise of customer satisfaction, consistently.

Operational Compliance

The critical nature of our business – the handling of vital information – demands that we be both conscientious and diligent in our adherence to compliance directives. Moreover, we have never looked at compliance as deterrent to work, but as a reminder to act responsibly towards our customers, staff, environment and shareholders. That is why, we at M*Modal India, follow a multi-pronged, layered approach to safety and compliance.


Process Approach

  • Required administrative, physical and technical safeguards in place to ensure Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of critical information, i.e., Protected Health Information (PHI) as per HIPAA and HITECH Act mandate.
  • Controlled access to premises, the IT infrastructure, including workstations, prevents pilferage of data.
  • Multiple authentication systems, including biometric fingerprinting, ensure conditional access to and within premises. Audit trails thus extend to not just our workstations but to our physical environment.
  • Industry standard security software to protect workstations.
  • Encrypting sensitive data wherever possible and automatically purging of records at the end of lifecycle preventing data leakage.
  • Use of U.S. Department of Defence standards (US DoD 5220.22-M) compliant software while decommissioning all storage media thus offering state-of-the-art data protection.
  • Criminal Background Verification and previous employment checks for employees.
  • Sensitizing workforce to the needs of our customers.
  • Regular training and checking of medical transcriptionists, editors and quality assurance teams for HIPAA and HITECH Act compliance.

At M*Modal India we are equally careful in deciding how patient information is shared across the organization. Wherever required, de-identification technology from De-ID Data Corp, a reputed vendor with specialized healthcare experience is used to remove all patient details automatically. Apart from this, security and compliance extend to our data redundancy and disaster recovery plans as well.

An important part of compliance at M*Modal India relates to audits. We conduct audits at regular intervals as per our policies and procedures to ensure compliance at all locations. The audit process includes verification of controls and logs on relevant aspects of the infrastructure; including but not limited to computers, network, biometric system, CCTV and HR records of employees. So while our expertise and proven experience in CDS are two of the biggest reasons our customers trust us, there’s more to the legacy of trust we have built.