Abigail Gableman

Abigail Gableman

Career Focused Virtual Scribes from Phoenix, Arizona | Colleague since November 2020

Q: Where do you live and when did you start?
A: I live in Phoenix, AZ. I started my placement in November 2020.

Q: What account/specialty do you support? (We will not directly ID the client, just their profile.)
A: A primary health clinic that focuses on Dermatology.

Q: What was your onboarding experience like?
A: My onboarding experience was wonderful. Everyone was very gracious and empathetic. There were numerous resources to pull from and I was always able to talk to someone about any issues I had both personal and technical.

Q: What do you like best about working for AQuity?
A: Any time I have needed an issue addressed or have had a question of any sort, there are many individuals available to assist me – my direct supervisor and technical support have been so helpful. There is a friendly environment surrounding the AQuity family. No one ever makes you feel that your experienced issue/concern is too small to be addressed.

Q: What surprised you most after joining the team?
A: I was pleasantly surprised at the freedom of my position. Once you are placed you are free to go about your everyday tasks without much disruption or contact (unless needed).

Q: What do you like best about working with your physician (for Scribes)?
A: I am so blessed to be working with my assigned provider. I have enjoyed learning about the field of Dermatology. Every day, I look forward to my job. The work I do is very stimulating.

Q: What would you say to another candidate looking at AQuity?
A: I 100% recommend AQuity. Although, I am not sure virtual work is truly for everyone. But, if you enjoy independence, working from a home office, if you are able to troubleshoot and work through certain issues that come up with patience and a calm demeanor – I highly recommend AQuity. There is a definite high degree of autonomy in this position. Much of this job is figuring tasks out on your own through both training and placement. It is a great place for individuals who don’t need step-by-step directions and constant communication.

Q: What’s your Motto/Mantra?
A: “One second, one minute, one day at a time.”

Q: Name something on your bucket list and why it’s a goal?
A: Traveling to Norway to visit my roots and family. I believe one’s familial past influences the present more than anyone can truly grasp. I encourage everyone to explore their family roots – it provides a certain sense of belonging and understanding. My life has never been the same (in a positive sense) since I began to dive into my ancestral background and culture (language, religion, etc).

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?
A: I enjoy spending my spare time with my husband exploring the desert in our 4×4 land cruiser that we have built to our liking. We enjoy camping in Sedona and all over our beautiful state of Arizona. If staying in the city for the weekend, we enjoy riding our Harley.