Turn EHR Pain Point Distractions into Higher Value Contribution Opportunities

Used correctly, electronic health records (EHR) are a great tool that give physicians a complete and accurate patient file. It holds all the patient information, including appointments, authorizations, insurance information, medical records, and even billing.

But without a proper management strategy, that tool can cause workflow bottlenecks and other clinical documentation process pain points.  

While most facilities have an EHR system, many do not make the best use of them. EHRs can reduce medical errors, improve patient care, provide practice efficiencies, and cost savings. According to HealthIt.gov, 88% of providers report that their EHR support clinical benefits for the practice and 75% say it allows them to deliver better patient care.

Providers who don’t take full advantage of what the EHR has to offer don’t just miss out by not implementing an optimized practice management strategy for their EHR system – they create a chain reaction that can actually do harm to the business side of their practice.  

What You Put in is What You Get Out

As with any business management system, the effort put into entering information will ultimately affect your results down the line. It’s difficult to retrieve actionable data accurately from the EHR if codes and medical terms are not used consistently, and unentered or incomplete data from the day before can causes backlogs the next morning. Such administrative inefficiencies disrupt practice workflow and eventually cause physician burnout.  

Think of your practice EHR like a desktop folder. If you house all your documents in a single folder, specific files or targeted data across multiple files can be difficult to find, but having a strategy customized to your practice with multiple, consistently structured, and organized folders allows you to search more efficiently, increasing the value of the EHR to your business. AQuity’s Physician Office Practice Management Services partners with you to optimize your EHR for your practice needs and preferred data entry method, enabling quick and easy access to everything you need.  

Get Set Up for Success with AQuity

When AQuity helps manages your EHR, we make sure it integrates seamlessly with your workflow and is utilized in a way that works best for your organization. Our dedicated remote team works quickly to keep all patient related care documentation and other routine tasks up to date.  

“There are times where we are working so deeply in the system for a client that we see areas that could be improved. Even though that’s not something we are contracted to do, we bring those suggestions to their attention, and they are almost always implemented. We operate not just a service provider – but as a true partner,” said Ananda Sanjeeva, AQuity’s Practice Management Operations Vice President.   

Our global team works around the clock to manage all routine paperwork, from faxes and prescription refills to patient updates and billing inquiries. We tie up any loose ends when the practice is closed so your onsite staff can start fresh the next morning. When you’re not playing catch-up with routine paperwork and administrative duties from the day before, you and your in-office team can focus on what really matters: patient care. 

“AQuity takes care of the day-to-day administrative pain points that a practice or hospital is facing and ensures they are relieved, converting those bothersome staff burdens into higher value practice contribution opportunities,”

Engaging AQuity to help manage your EHR drive improvements to your workflow, including: 

Create the right EHR management strategy for your office with AQuity’s Physician Office Practice Management Services.  

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