Security Whitepapers, AQuity, and You

AQuity Solutions offers security whitepapers to describe our security protocols in support of our products and services.  These whitepapers are available on our website under the page dedicate to our security stance.

As a team, we are dedicated to supporting multiple pillars of data protection, including Culture and Stability, Preparedness, Awareness, Service to Our Customers, and Continuity. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and are committed to ensuring information security and compliance. We recognize our customers are in the business of helping people, and we are committed to protecting their data in support of that mission.

Who We Are

AQuity understands that protecting your data must be our highest priority.  If we fail there, nothing else matters, so ensuring security is critical to the core of our business. Our entire culture is focused on serving the ever-changing needs of our clients, so even after over 45 years, we constantly are working to improve our security measures.


AQuity has evolved through a balance of strong organizational growth, mergers, and acquisitions to become the premier supplier of medical records business process outsourcing, as evidenced by top rankings in KLAS and Black Book. With these overall service delivery recognitions, our efforts have specifically been credited with multiple accolades for our approach to security. The Cybersecurity Transparent Designation, measured by KLAS Research and Censinet, sets the standard for cybersecurity preparedness throughout the healthcare landscape. We were amongst the first firms in the industry awarded with this certification, demonstrating our continuous commitment to risk posture and cybersecurity maturity.

What We Do

AQuity uses state of the art technologies to monitor and safeguard customer data. We only store what is needed to provide service, limit where it is stored, and comply with data regulations and customer contracts in protection of that data. AQuity relies on least privileged data access and the zero-trust philosophy, meaning we only allow those who need to see data to perform their tasks to see it, no one else. At every stage, AQuity verifies who is seeing what, and is constantly seeking improve our security posture.

How We Do It

Our approach to security uses a combination of best practices, technology, and third-party validation to safeguard customer data in accordance with data regulations and customer contracts. We maintain security controls and procedures of all types to ensure data safety. This extends to strict controls of our staff as well.


AQuity is certified in ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 for security, and ISO 9001 for demonstrating security practice quality. Every member of our staff is annually trained in HIPAA, CMS Fraud-Waste and Abuse, GDPR, and Security, and that training is continuously supported by on-going awareness campaigns.

How We Anticipate Potential Risks

AQuity always looks ahead to prepare for anything new that may come our way. AQuity holds itself by these principles: Secure, Defend, Contain, Monitor, and Anticipate. Once data is safely created and securely stored, it is protected and contained against unauthorized access.  We closely monitor where everything is and work hard to anticipate potential risks and engage additional security measures before any data could potentially be exposed.


AQuity constantly keeps an eye out for potential security issues and keeps current with the ever-evolving threats to security maintenance. We pride ourselves on being adaptable and efficient in defending our customer’s data security and are constantly improving our system to combat potential risks.

Who We Serve

AQuity serves healthcare provider organizations of all types and sizes. Our clients are in the business of helping people, and AQuity’s security team is in the business of protecting their data. We assist those who have been impacted by security events by quickly providing stable and secure services when our customers need it most.


Our customers can call 1-800-DICTATE at any time with a security question or technical problem. There is always an AQuity employee available to listen, understand the nature of the problem, and quickly take appropriate measures to resolve the issue. AQuity has a great customer service track record, with exceptional KPI scores.

How We Continue to Improve

AQuity understands that not every security issue can be traced back to a technology failure. While we are very knowledgeable and versatile with system diagnostics and issue origin forensics, some problems are simply caused by factors outside our view or control.


Regardless of the origin of an issue, AQuity is able to quickly engage alternative service delivery methods and shift service support to geographically different areas without bypassing our security systems or procedures. We have a detailed business plan and carefully thought-out contingency strategies for all external factors, including pandemics. Each security measure and plan are updated and improved often, to accommodate for changes and potential process threats at every stage. Our primary objective is to restore services as quickly as possible, with little or no data loss.

AQuity’s Commitment to You

AQuity Solutions is committed to delivering uninterrupted and efficient health record services for our customers. We have the backing of our senior management, and our security compliance program and data monitoring methods are taken seriously by every team member, from the CEO to the newest employee. We strive for excellence and are certified in multiple policies and procedures every year, including HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and SOC2 Type 2 policies.

The AQuity team leverages the industry’s best security and data compliance practices to successfully serve our healthcare provider clients. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards because that’s what our clients expect and deserve.

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