MonkeyPox Coding Guidance

As the Monkeypox outbreak of 2022 is evolving in the US, AQuity is closely monitoring the CDC, AMA, and who for coding guidance.   Currently, only two vaccines are licensed by the US FDA to prevent Monkeypox infection: JYNNEOS of which there is a limited supply, and ACAM2000 of ample supply.  As there is no current CPT for either drug, the AMA held a special meeting of the CPT editorial panel on July 20th, 2022, to discuss establishing codes for the detection of Monkeypox and vaccine products. Until AMA further defines the codes set for Monkeypox, AQuity is suggesting the following codes from the current ICD 10 CM and CPT code sets.

Coding specimen collection and vaccination for Monkeypox

*The following direction may not be reimbursed by third-party payors.  AQuity suggests reaching out to third-party payors for contract-specific coding directions relating to the following.

Lesion Specimen collection – detection  

ICD-10 CM – B04- Monkeypox

CPT –  87798 Infectious agent detection by nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) not otherwise specified


ICD 10 CM – Z23 Immunization encounter

CPT – 90749 Immunization Vaccine Toxoid

*Note: When applicable, use CPT Z71.85 encounter for immunization safety counseling and/or CPT Z20.89 Contact with and (suspected) exposure to other viral communicable diseases.

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