Problem #2: How EHRs and Other IT Tools Hurt Efficiency

Physicians are expected to keep themselves informed on the latest changes in medicine and maintain certifications through continuous learning. Keeping up with all the ins and outs of the constantly updated electronic health record (EHR) system is yet another burden added to an already full plate. That’s why a survey by the American Medical Association (AMA) lists “EHR/Other IT Tools Hurt Efficiency” as the second leading cause of physician burnout at 43%.

When the healthcare industry first made the switch to EHRs, the expanded functionality and data capture expectations were overwhelming to many providers, prompting a good number to simply leave the profession. After being used to simple paper charts, where providers could simply write down their notes and file them away until the next visit, they now had to learn an entirely new electronic system.  The added workload distracts from their focus on the patient and contributes to burnout.

A proven resolution to this added burden is providing a Virtual Medical Scribe from AQuity.  Scribes are able to navigate the EHR by listening in to the physician/patient exchange so physicians can give their patients their full attention.  Relief of the EHR burden helps to retain providers, decrease burnout, and reduce EHR headaches.

EHRs and other IT tools inherently require an ongoing learning curve, but having a virtual medical scribe who is already trained and fully focused on the documentation in support of the providers increases the value of the documentation. Virtual scribes really make the EHR work for the physician rather than against them. When used fully, the EHR’s capabilities outshine those of the old paper records.

Now, the patient’s health history is at your fingertips and the system will alert providers of everything from prescription refills to procedures due. And while many providers might only know how to use a few of the function tabs in the system, AQuity’s virtual scribes not only know how to make use of all of them, they are able to help the providers based on their personal tech adoption journey to learn what information is needed and where it goes.

Increase your efficiency and reduce physician burnout with AQuity Virtual Medical Scribing.

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By Jaime Christian, AQuity Solutions Director of Virtual Scribes Client Success

Jaime has been a leader of the Medical Scribe industry for over 12 years. She started as an in-person medical scribe in a busy Emergency Department. She has worked with health systems across the United States to implement scribe programs for Ambulatory Practices, Emergency Departments, Inpatient Hospitalist Groups, and Urgent Cares. Jaime's experience in over 50+ EHRs, most medical specialties, along with her passion for improving provider wellness, has helped shape AQuity's Virtual Scribe Program. She believes that a well-trained and efficient scribe can benefit any provider. As one of the founders of AQuity's Virtual Scribe Service, Jaime has strategically partnered to build and transform this program to deliver a high-quality service.

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