10 EHR Challenges Faced by Providers

1 Solution with Physician Office Practice Management Services

The purpose behind electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR) is to improve patient and provider communication, but many providers find the systems and regulations challenging. When working correctly, they provide many benefits, including decreased medical errors, safer care, and better communication. Physician Office Practice Management Services with AQuity streamlines the process, making the workflow work the way it was intended – so providers can focus on patient care while we take care of the administrative duties.


More time spent training and learning a new system means less face-to-face time spent with patients.

SOLUTION: AQuity offers dedicated and highly experienced team of EHR/EMR experts with very little need for training.


All EMR/EHR information and systems must follow strict government regulations and requirements and are subject to penalties for those that do not comply.

SOLUTION: AQuity is a HIPPA and GDPR compliant company with over 40 years’ experience in the clinical documentation market.


Physicians are burning the midnight oil to enter documentation and losing their work-life balance.

SOLUTION: AQuity has been recognized as providing burnout relief through an around-the-clock global workforce with multiple documentation solutions who can support you during normal office hours, after hours, and throughout the weekends, leaving no loose ends.


Some staff are resistant to change, find it difficult or time-consuming to learn, or don’t understand the benefits.

SOLUTION: AQuity acts as your virtual partner in care, providing accurate, up-to-date records for improved clinical and financial results.


Implementing a new system can alter your current workflow, causing disruptions, delayed care, and a patient backlog.

SOLUTION: The AQuity team offers data-driven analysis and workflow management with custom-built metrics and performance dashboards to keep your operations running smoothly.


10 EHR Challenges Faced by Providers


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Entering documents and information can be time-consuming when it comes from multiple sources, such as handwritten notes and scans.

SOLUTION: AQuity supports quick turnaround time for high volume data entry, digitally converting your patient records for easy, searchable, and retrievable electronic access.


EHR/EMR can require a continued investment in staff training, support, and the extra time spent entering data.

SOLUTION: AQuity is an industry leading, cost-effective team with experience supporting your EHR system and improving workflow efficiency.


Inexperienced staff can unknowingly input errors, causing denied claims and possible fines.

SOLUTION: AQuity’s expert EHR team understands complex reporting guidelines and has experience helping clients reduce coding errors and minimizing denials.


Clinicians are spending extra time on administrative duties that they must reduce patient scheduling, creating a backlog and reduced revenue.

SOLUTION: AQuity has a dedicated team to handle tailored, practice specific administrative tasks and processes, freeing up physician time and allowing your office-based team to focus on patient care.


Keeping patient health information (PHI) secure from security breaches, such as natural disasters or cyber-attacks, can be difficult.

SOLUTION: The AQuity team is a recognized security and privacy leader with ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2, and more industry recognized security certifications.


10 Challenges, 1 Solution:
AQuity Physician Office Practice Management Services

AQuity offers a unique, practice management framework for process optimization and quality control. Our team creates and maintains medical records and patient care related documents in your EMR/EHR systems, as well as other routine tasks and functions, providing stable and profitable care delivery.

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