Vicki Blackburn

Vicki Blackburn

Inpatient Coder | Colleague since February 2022

Working for AQuity, I am an offsite inpatient coding specialist for Piedmont Atlanta in Georgia.

Onboarding for AQuity was wonderful.  They not only provided great instructions on all their programs, they also offered training through Teams, as much as needed.

I enjoy working for AQuity.  They provide much needed education, as in coding updates, software changes, and security training, not only for AQuity, but also for the facilities we work for.  They provide coding tools that are wonderful, such as Propel.  I was able to complete my required CEUs through this program, at no charge.  Propel also offers new updates. Every manager that I have had conversations with or question for, have been very helpful and very easy to speak with.

What surprised me the most about joining AQuity’s team is, for such a large company, it doesn’t feel that way.  They make their employees feel appreciated. Their benefit package is the best I have ever had.  Also, they provided me with a computer to do my job with.

What I like best about working on my accounts is the resources provided by AQuity.  There’s always something new, or a condition that you have never coded. AQuity provides many tools to help you in your job.

I have coded many years, for several different hospitals.  AQuity has been most impressive to me.  I would gladly recommend seeking employment with them.  All the trainers, managers, and auditors have been very approachable.  That is very important to a coder.  Coders always have questions.  It is important to me to be able to reach out to someone and not be intimidated with a question that may be viewed as simple.  Coders need reassurance from time to time in their coding.  Coders have a lot to process while doing their job.  AQuity provides me with what I need. That is important!

My career defines success when I get “great” audits.  Then I know I am doing my best for the facility I work for, for AQuity being my employer, and most of all, my own satisfaction knowing I am doing my best.

Speeding up my coding, without errors, is what is always on my bucket list.

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