Janaye Green

Janaye Green

Gap Year Med Student Virtual Scribes | Colleague since June 2019

The hiring specialist that I worked with was supportive, and from there, the scribes were always nice.

As a pre-medical student, I like being able to work with multiple physicians in different specialties so I can see their thought processes and workflow.

I was mostly surprised by how many specialties there were.

I really enjoy how they aren’t afraid to ask the patients more personal questions if it will help them better understand their problems and their diagnosis.

If you’re a pre-medical student who is unsure of which specialty to go into, this is the job for you.

I love Santa Monica because I can go shopping all day and still have time to enjoy the beach.

Success is something that a person achieves that makes them sleep better at night, no matter what anyone else has to say about it.

Try your best or don’t try at all.

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